No Good Deed

Published April 26, 2016

On Christmas Eve in 1966, Philip Potter, a kind-hearted Smithsonian curator,  wraps up his last-minute shopping. Meanwhile, his lover of several years takes his own life back in their home. Unaware of what awaits him, Philip drops off gifts at a homeless shelter, an act of generosity that will later make him a suspect in the murder of a male prostitute.

Following James’s shocking death, two men enter Philip’s life—and both drive yellow Continentals. One of them, though, is a killer, with the blood of at least six hustlers on his hands. And both are hiding something.

As Philip is about to discover, no good deed goes unpunished.

(Originally released by MLR Press in 2013 as After Christmas Eve)


Rainbow Book Reviews says:

This book is a real roller coaster ride of emotions from happiness to horror. From James’s death, police investigation, and the side stories involving the murder suspects, the story kept me swinging from one feeling to another. Although there are lots of sexual references, there are no on-page sex scenes. Everything is either alluded to or explained by switching narrators depending upon which characters were involved. I was almost certain I knew who the murderer was, but some deliberately misleading ‘clues’ made me doubt it, but not for too long. This story takes place in 1966, a year after I graduated from high school. Many of the references to cars, products, clothing, and attitudes brought back memories both good and bad. Injustice ran rampant and, even after all the progress that has been made, there is still a long way to go. If you enjoy murder mysteries, gay characters, the 1960s, and second chances, you may like this book. Thanks, Michael, for a suspenseful read.

Divine Magazine says:

Oh, I LIKED this book! A lot! Set over Christmas and New Year, 1966/67, its told from everyone’s point of view. Philip, James, the victims, and the murderer. And I loved that! I really do love getting into the minds of the bad guys!

The Novel Approach says:

Michael Rupured created an excellent and suspense filled murder mystery set in Washington, DC, in 1966, when prejudice, intolerance and discrimination were prevalent. The characters are so well developed that they make No Good Deed all the more intriguing. Just when you think you know who the killer is, things change. This is also a dark and disturbing story about religious beliefs and homophobia.

TTC Books and More says:

I loved everything about this story. There is a lot going on. Lots of intriguing characters. A big mystery, and so many twists and turns. The ending is quite shocking as well.
If you like a good romantic suspense, compelling characters, twists and a great allover story set in the 60’s, this is definitely for you! (Now I’m off to read the next Phillip Potter story!)

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words says:

This book is really well written and once you pass the halfway mark it also becomes very interesting. As such the story is not much of a mystery since the murderer was narrowed down to two possibilities early on in the book, but the back forth on who is really the murderer and how he is finally caught manages to keep the story interesting till the end.

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