The Case of the Missing Drag Queen

Coming July/August 2018

Broke, saddled with a mountain of debt, and dependent on his Aunt Callie’s support, aspiring writer Luke Tanner has returned to Kentucky after a failed, five-year relationship to put his life back together. He manages the eight-unit Sinclair Arms for half off his rent and tends bar at the Gilded Lily where drag queens perform three nights a week.

On his 25th birthday, Luke meets the diminutive Pixie Wilder, a long-time performer at the Gilded Lily. After headliner Ruby Dubonnet doesn’t show up, Pixie takes her place as the star of the show–a motive that makes her a suspect in Ruby’s disappearance.

Luke reluctantly agrees to help his new-found friend clear her name. He and Pixie set out to find the missing drag queen, and in the process, put themselves in danger.