My New Steam Mop

Buying gifts for me is a challenge. I don’t want much, and am perhaps a teeny bit hard to please. When I do want something, I tend to just buy it myself. If I’m not happy, it’s nobody’s fault but mine.

Devoted readers of this blog may recall I get off on clean floors. My vacuum cleaners — an upright for carpets and a canister for everything else — do a great job. The performance of my vintage string mop, however, has been disappointing. When my sister asked what I’d like for Christmas this year, I said one of those steam mop thingies.

A lack of clarity might explain why I’m so hard to please. Knowing me as she does, my sister followed up a few days later with a request for clarification. I said not to get the cheapest or most expensive model, but something in between. Helpful, don’t you think?

The FedEx man delivered my brand new Shark a few days later. I’m not up on all the possible options, but this model looks pretty fancy. The business part of the machine detaches from the handle, and a host of attachments enable me to steam clean practically anything.

I couldn’t wait to steam mop my floors! Yeah, I know — weirdo. Just the thought gave me butterflies, but I needed to assemble the unit and wasn’t sure what all was involved. I decided to wait for my next day off to try it out.

Assembly was easy enough. I added water, plugged it in, and selected the “mop” setting (vs. dust or scrub). Once the hissing commenced, I started mopping.

Yes. <pant> Yes! <pant> YES!

Ten minutes later, I’d steam mopped every non-carpetted floor in my house: two bathrooms, a long hallway, my living room, and the eat-in kitchen. The washable pad was deliciously filthy. My floors gleamed, and I had a strong desire for a cigarette.

As I hadn’t known they existed, the extra attachments were a true bonus. I decided to steam clean my kitchen cabinets. Yeah, I know. Kinky.

Farewell, old-fashioned string mop. We had a lot of good years together, but it’s over. I’m in love with my new steam mop. Not since my first bag-less vacuum cleaner have I been so enamored with a household appliance.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to run. A spot on the floor requires my immediate attention.