Back in the Saddle

Good news for anyone who has missed my blog. I’m back! Four months without having to write a post every week was good for my soul.  Time off helped me gain some perspective.

Becoming a published author remains the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Five years into the gig, however, the new has worn off. Between writing and the day job, I tend to work all the time, but fame and fortune have eluded me.

Poor, pitiful, me…

To say nobody reads my stories is untrue and unfair. My books may not fly off the shelf, but they do sell. In fact, any of them have been read by far more people than have read all my academic and professional papers, combined.

I write — and always have — because I must. Most of ‘my work’ outside of the day job has been intended for an audience of one (letters to friends or family) or none (personal journals dating back to 1979). Writing things down helps me to clarify my thoughts.

Writing is my hobby, like doing crossword puzzles. You start off with the easy ones, and over time, work your way up to the New York Times Sunday puzzle. When you reach that level, nothing else will do.

Penning a novel is my Sunday puzzle. Each new book is a learning experience. Coming up with a good story, bringing the characters to life, and keeping the reader engaged from the beginning to the end is a huge challenge.

The next Philip Potter Story, Cold Revenge, is coming together. May 1 is still my self-imposed deadline. I have no idea how the story ends, but the action picks up a few weeks after where Happy Independence Day left off. I’ll keep you posted right here with a new post on the first Monday of every month.