And the Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who participated in the month-long giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary as a published author. I’m tickled pink so many people participated. In fact, my first giveaway was so successful, I’ve decided to mail an autographed copy of Until Thanksgiving to five lucky winners.

I’m especially grateful to Lane Hayes, Z. Allora, Tempe O’Riley, Andrew Grey, and Shira Anthony for guest posts during the giveaway. Even though they all write male-male romances, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse group of authors. I hope one of the new releases they talked about piqued your interest and that you’ve found another “must read” writer.

The winners are:

Pam Blevins, who I also proclaim my biggest fan. Thanks for all your encouragement and support!

Jeanie Glass, who missed out being my biggest fan only because she’s family. Love you!

John Amory, author of Protection who I hope you’ll see on a Thursday Guest Post soon.

Mel Leach, who is almost a neighbor just up the road a piece.

Z. Allora, author of Made in China and an August guest on my blog.

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for participating.