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The Crotchety Old Man (aka Michael Rupured) blogs about his interests, hobbies, pets, and life in retirement. He’s not selling anything, accepts no ads, and is not interested in becoming an influencer. The blog is purely for entertainment — yours and his.

The Crotchety Old Man blog was launched in 2008 as a fun way to fuss about day-to-day inconveniences. Things changed. The 2012 release of his first novel shifted the focus to marketing books — his and those of other authors. Shortly after the 2018 release of his fifth novel, new responsibilities with the day job shifted his focus away from writing more novels.

Since retiring from academia in January 2021, he spends his days pursuing various interests including running/exercise, gardening, fancy goldfish, and Tootsie — the dachshund/chihuahua puppy he adopted in July 2022.

The Crotchety Old Man lives in beautiful Athens, Georgia. Summers are a wee bit hot, but what passes for winter more than makes up for any discomfort the rest of the year. Thanks for popping in and spending some of your precious time browsing the blog. Your comments on posts are welcome and appreciated. You can reach the Crotchety Old Man via email to mrupured@gmail.com.

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