TTFN, Luke Tanner

I’ve been not working on my current work in progress for several months. “I haven’t been” sounds like maybe someone or something else is to blame. “I’ve been not working” puts the responsibility where it belongs.

Months ago, I wrote the first three chapters of the first book in the Luke Tanner, Private Eye series. Since then, I’ve been not working on it. Early on, I changed up a few details every time I read a chapter, but where to go next eluded me. So I worked on other stuff.

My writing time is limited by the demands of the day job and other responsibilities. Preparing my weekly posts for this blog takes more time than it should. Blog posts are a lot easier to write than novels.

Shepherding three novels through the publication process over the last nine months consumed a lot of that time. Dreamspinner Press releases Whippersnapper on Friday. Dreamspinner Press Publications will release No Good Deed (formerly After Christmas Eve) on April 26 and Happy Independence Day in July. That’s behind me now — my part is done.

Much of my recent writing time has been devoted to writing guest posts for a blog tour to promote the release of Whippersnapper. Coming up with ideas for 8 to 12 unique and interesting blog posts about the same story is every writer’s challenge.

The Luke Tanner series is a great idea. The first three chapters are filled with fun and interesting characters. The mystery to be solved is well-established. I’m just stuck — and it’s been that way for months.

I started thinking about another story. The thought grew into ideas for two novels. We’ll see if that’s enough to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, Ta Ta for Now, Luke Tanner

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