Exclusive Interview with Oliver Crumbly

on Feb 08, 2016 by Michael Rupured

I’m thrilled to bring you another exclusive interview. My guest today is Oliver Crumbly. He’s the the older man in the May-September relationship at the center of Whippersnapper. Thanks, Oliver, for making time to talk to me.

Oliver: You say that like I had a choice.

MR: I’m sorry. Are we keeping you from something?

Oliver: I’ve always got something to do. Since retiring, I don’t see how I found the time to work. But the issue is that I’m a very private person. Living in the spotlight has been a challenge. No matter where I go in Fallisville, eople recognize me.

MR: Whippersnapper certainly put Fallisville on the map. Have you always lived there?

Oliver: No. I grew up in Lexington. By the time I graduate from the University of Kentucky with my teaching degree, I was ready for a change of scenery. Salt Lick CountyHigh School had an opening, and I’ve lived in Fallisville  ever since. Hard to believe it’s been more than thirty years.

MR: So you’ve lived in Fallisville longer than Tellumo Magnamater has been alive?

Oliver: Your point?

MR: That’s a pretty big age difference. Have you always been into younger men?

Oliver: Absolutely not. The five guys I was in relationships with before him with were no more than five or six years younger than me. Tellumo is a special case — not that we’re actually together.

MR: Five relationships? Ouch.

Oliver: Tell me about it. Took me a while to figure out that being single wasn’t the worst thing in the world.


MR: I can relate to that. Some readers have said you’re kind of hard to like. Your response?

Oliver: I come across as a lot more crotchety than I really am. People who take the time to get past the crusty exterior seem to like me.

MR: Tell me something about you that might surprise readers.

Oliver: I love to dance and wanted to be on the dance team in high school and college. I even took several classes — tap, ballet, contemporary. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to try out, but that didn’t stop me from memorizing all the routines.



MR: Do you still dance?

Oliver: I’m too old to hit clubs, so Zumba classes at the gym are about my only outlet.

MR: I love Zumba! Maybe I’ll join you sometime.

Oliver: You’re welcome any time. I get tired of being the only man in class.

MR: I know what you mean. Well, Oliver. We’ve about run out of time. Would you mind sticking around a bit to answer questions from readers?

Oliver: I’d be happy to.

MR: Thanks! Okay readers, leave your questions for Oliver in the comments. Thanks again, Oliver for stopping by.

Oliver: My pleasure. Thanks for inviting me.