Exclusive Interview with Peggy Tucker

I’m super excited to have Peggy Tucker as a guest on my blog today. She’s a central character in my new release, Whippersnapper, and an extraordinary woman. She’s agreed to answer a few questions and, as a special treat, will share the recipe for her famous cinnamon buns.

Peggy: Thank you, Michael. I’m thrilled to be here, and more than a little nervous. I’m not used to all the attention I’ve been getting since Whippersnapper was released.

MR: No need to be nervous. We’re all friends here. So tell me, Peggy, how did you end up in the middle of an M-M novel about a May-September romance?

Peggy: It was a huge misunderstanding. Blame that handsome Oliver Crumbly. We belong to the same gym: Fit as a Fiddle — known as Body by God when I joined. Before we met, I had a HUGE crush on him. But then… Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out.

MR: Thanks for not spoiling the story for me. What brought you to Fallisville?

Peggy: For starters, Fallisville is not pronounced like the season. Fallis rhymes with Alice. I came to our lovely little town from Lexington after I was hired for my job at the Department of Motor Vehicles almost twenty years ago. I can’t imagine how empty my life would be if I hadn’t moved there. Like the good book says, everything happens for a reason.

MR: You quote the Bible a lot. I’m curious — how many times have you read it?

Peggy: Um. I’ve read bits and pieces, but I’ve never read the whole thing.

MR: Ah. That explains a lot. If they ever make a movie of Whippersnapper, who would you want to play you?

Peggy: I’d love for Jennifer Anniston to play me — she’s such a pretty woman — but she’d have to gain some weight. Melissa McCarthy would be more realistic. Does she do dramatic roles?

MR: I don’t think so, but she’d be perfect for the part. Who would you want to play Oliver and Tellumo Magnamater?

Peggy: George Clooney would be perfect for Oliver. Someone like Jake Gyllenhaal — only younger — would be a good fit for Tellumo. Oh! Before I forget, I brought you a little something for inviting me here today. I hope you like cinnamon buns…

MR: I do! Thank you so much. You’re quite accomplished in the domestic arts. Where did you learn how to sew and cook?

Peggy: Home economics was my favorite subject in school — I took every class they offered. My life hasn’t always been as easy as it is now. When times were hard, cooking from scratch and making my own clothes saved a lot of money.

MR: These cinnamon buns are delicious!

Peggy: Thank you. You can find the recipe here.

MR: Well, Peggy. We’ve just about run out of time. Before you go, would you mind answering questions from your fans?

Peggy: I have fans? I’m an open book — ask away.

MR: Readers, leave your questions for Peggy in the comments. Thanks again, Peggy, for stopping by. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.

Peggy: You’re welcome! Thank you for writing me into the story.