My Gypsy Curse

A month ago, I blogged about my horrible, no good, very bad week. Since then, my run of bad luck has continued, unabated. I strongly suspect a gypsy curse…

To refresh your memory, my air-conditioning went out ($300), I got sick, Toodles had to go the vet twice ($600), and to top it all off, a pizza delivery driver pushed my garage door into the back end of my car and then drove off without saying anything about it.

My car was trapped in the garage for three days. I had to get a new garage door ($732) and paid another $150 to find out the rear bumper had not been damaged. I got a copy of the police report ($24) and filed claims with my homeowner’s and auto policies and the driver’s insurance company. I have a $1000 deductible. Throw in the pizza and tip, and I’m out $908.37.

The driver’s insurance company denied the claim because he was using the vehicle for business purposes. I’ve called the pizza place numerous times, but nobody ever calls back. Sigh.

The county prosecutor called. The driver has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and, you’ll love this, driving on a suspended license. She’ll ask for restitution, but you know what they say: askin’ ain’t gettin’.

Then the spoiler fell off the back of my car–a 2015 VW convertible I bought new. Just fell off. The body shop suggested checking with the dealer to see if it was under warranty because the spoiler is a “single-use” part ($700) that would have to be painted. Good news! It was covered by the warranty, but they just stuck the old one back on.

Next, my washing machine went out. Had to wait four days for the repairman to come. Ended up paying $89 to find out the washer needed $500 in repairs. Oh yeah–and he didn’t have the part on his truck, and couldn’t get back for three weeks. The new washer was delivered the next day–for $495, including delivery and $15 to take the old one away.

Yesterday, I called the pizza place again. A very helpful young man — an assistant manager who deserves a much better job than he’s got — put me on hold while he called the owner. I wanted his insurance information so I could file a claim, but the owner refused to provide it. Finally, the assistant manager gave me the owner’s email address and instructions to send copies of the police report and receipts.

Done. Keep your fingers crossed. I’d also appreciate any information you might have about lifting a curse.