Novel Experience

Lots of people tell me they hope to write a book. Many say they’ve written the first few chapters — often for several stories. Starting a book is easy. Finishing is the hard part.

Writing a novel is a HUGE challenge — especially the first time around. Getting to “the end” takes hours and hours of work over many weeks, months, or even years. Whether the finished product gets published or not, devoting that much time to something is a sure way to get better at it.

Going through the publication process is also a learning experience. Three different editors go over every story with a fine-toothed comb. I always learn from their comments, questions, and suggestions. Reviews are helpful too.

Experience is a great teacher. Each of my novels is better-written than the one before. That’s why I suggest reading my books in chronological order (Until Thanksgiving, No Good Deed, Happy Independence Day, Whippersnapper, and The Case of the Missing Drag Queen).

My most recent novel will always be the best. The improvement from one novel to the next is subtle. Readers may not see any difference at all, but I do.

Which story is the favorite? Depends on who you ask. Among folks I know well enough to ask (or badger), all five got at least one vote. According to this decidedly unscientific poll, No Good Deed leads the pack by a hefty margin.

Which is my favorite? I like all my books. Each holds a special place in my heart, but if I had to pick, genre-challenged Whippersnapper is my favorite. Poor Peggy Tucker and her nonconforming story are trapped inside the cover of a gay romance. It’s a beautiful story that still makes me cry (mostly happy tears) when I read it.

What’s your favorite? I’d love to hear from you. As always, thanks for stopping by.