Orchid Redux

Since purchasing the first in 2012, my orchid collection has grown. I’ve bought a few. Friends have given me orchids they gave up on too. The result is a kitchen table overflowing with them.

I blogged about my success with orchids late last year. You can see that post here. It even has pictures!

Bragging is asking for trouble. Problems appeared almost right away. In addition to the wrinkled leaves I’d seen in the past, leaves on a few plants had turned black in the center. Root rot may have been the cause. Inconsistent watering may also have played a role.

On rainy days I’ll sometimes drag all my plants outside. They may not care, but I feel like the fresh air and natural precipitation are good for them. After a rain outing earlier this summer, I left the orchids outside.

Frankly, I enjoy having my kitchen table back and hoped they’d die. To give them at least a fighting chance, I put the pots beneath a big magnolia tree and forgot about them. The rainiest summer in years foiled my plans. Not only are they still alive, they’re thriving.


I’ll leave them where they are until the temperature drops below about 50 degrees (Fahrenheit). Warm days and cool nights encourage the plants to bloom. Before it gets cold, I’ll have to figure out where to put them. I’ll keep you posted.

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