No Time for Writing

There’s more to being an author than writing stories. Making readers aware of new releases is a big part of the job. “Managing the brand” across numerous social media platforms is another requirement.

A boss would tell me I need to do better, or else. She’d be right too. The marketing part has always been a challenge. I put a lot of effort into promoting new releases then do no more than my weekly blog post.

My writing career is on hold. I haven’t added a word to Cold Revenge (the fourth Philip Potter story and my current work in progress) since August. A blog post every week is about all I can manage — if that.

I say a lack of time is the problem. Experts on the subject would likely disagree with my claim. It’s not how much time you have, but how you use it. They’re right, of course, but the advice doesn’t apply to me.

Not that I feel entitled. Much.

Writing is my escape from life’s struggles and a demanding career in academia. It’s a stress reliever. “F’ing” up my bliss with a bunch of duties and deadlines defeats the purpose.

My journal has been my major stress-reliever and a top priority for many years. I’ve been writing a lot more since losing my best friend back in March. Reflecting on what’s going on in my life helps me put things in perspective.

Teaching my first class in thirty years has been all-consuming. Blame a steep learning curve, the grueling pace, and a desire to do a good job. Next semester will be a bit easier and, hopefully, not so time consuming.

I’ll write again, one day –when I have more time. With holidays and vacation time, I’ll be off several weeks between now and the end of the year. If not then, retirement isn’t too far away.

I’ll worry about that later. I’m too old to wish away any time. For now, I’m doing what I can to stay in the moment.