My Favorite Story

Friends often ask which of my novels is the best. I never know what to say. Best what? Technically speaking, my newest release at any given time is the best. Each novel is better than the one before. Every trip through the publication process is a learning experience.

Whippersnapper is my favorite story. It is NOT a romance, despite the cover, blurb, and my intentions to write one. It’s a heart-warming story about relationships in Fallisville — a fictional small town in Central Kentucky.

Peggy Tucker is a straight, middle-aged widow of the Southern Baptist persuasion who is determined to lose enough weight to land a new, God-fearing, honest, and sober husband. She runs into young Tellumo Magnamater at the gym. The unlikely pair hit it off and, unbeknownst to each other, set their sights on Oliver Crumbly, an attractive but crotchety older man who has  no interest in a relationship with anyone.

Hilarity ensues. The story has more twists and turns than a two-lane road through the Smokey Mountains.  and a surprise ending nobody sees coming. Every time I read the climax, I cry happy tears.

This week only, Whippersnapper is available for $1.88 from Dreamspinner Press. Click here to order.