My Green Thumb

A knack for growing things is in my blood. The gift comes from Dad’s side of the family. I used to think growing plants successfully was a skill anyone could learn. Experience has taught me that’s not the case. Plant killers are everywhere.

Nobody sets out to kill potted plants. Victims tend to be gifts. Plant killers mean well, but know ending up with them is a death sentence for the plant. Eventually, they stop wasting time and money trying.

At times, my collection has gotten out of hand. Keeping that from happening has been a priority since I moved seven years ago. All but three reside on my kitchen table.

Christmas cactus, anthurium and orchids fill my kitchen table.

The Christmas Cacti and anthurium (I have two of each) stay inside all year. Everything else spends the summer outside.

Three-foot bloom stalks covered with side shoots.

Two orchids have gone crazy. Both have produced 3-foot tall bloom stalks covered with buds and side shoots. Five other orchids have normal bloom stalks, including a single-bloom-per-stalk variety. It lost a lot of foliage ofver the summer, so I think I’ll keep it inside next year.

My favorite, because she’s different from all the rest.

People often ask the secret to my success. I always respond with tips and suggestions that, to the best of my knowledge, have helped no one. It’s the green thumb. Either you got it, or you don’t. That’s how gifts work. What’s your gift?