Garden Update

Few things tickle may fancy more than impulse-shopping at garden centers every spring and fall. I hit several over spring break this year, but it was too early for the kinds of things I want. Staying at home has me chomping at the bit to fill my empty flower beds.

Before the pandemic, I picked up a few things for a flower bed outside my front door. The petunias and dianthus I planted have settled in now and look lovely. Begonias planted in the same spot last year are coming back.

The big yard at my old house had plenty of room for new additions. Running out of room in the tiny yard I have now is my greatest fear. Limiting myself to annuals solves the problem. As browsing with intent to impulse buy isn’t an essential activity, I went online to see what the mail-order places I’d used years ago had to offer.

Tomato plants topped my list. I added a couple of pepper plants and some annual flowers (zinnias, impatiens, lisianthus and coleus). The order was immediately rejected — shipping tomato or pepper plants into Georgia is apparently illegal. Removing them from my shopping cart solved the problem.

That was a month ago. A message the following week said my order was in process, but they’ve stopped accepting new orders through the end of April. I’m still waiting for my plants. The planting window here is narrow. Freezing temperatures kill anything planted too early. Blazing heat desiccates late plantings. The middle of May is too late.

Last week, I donned my mask and swept through Lowe’s like a Ninja. The selection wasn’t what I’d hoped, but I picked up tomatoes, peppers, and a dozen marigolds that caught my eye.

Gerber daisies purchased as annuals several years ago that keep coming back were in the space where I wanted to plant tomatoes. I’d read they need to be divided often, so I dug them up, split them into pieces, and replanted them.

I’m hoping to get out again sometime this week. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that my order arrives before summer heat. I’ll keep you posted.