My eleventh straight week at home is wrapping up. The first week I took off from work. Then the coronavirus hit the scene. I’ve been home pretty much ever since.

I’m lucky and grateful. I still have a job, a regular paycheck, and everything I need. There’s no homeschooling at my house nor any children to entertain. Nobody I know is sick, incarcerated, or in a nursing home.

Despite my good fortune, I’m anxious, stressed and more than a little overwhelmed. The increasing divide between science and politics doesn’t help. Ignorance, misinformation, and stupidity make things worse.

The federal government is in shambles. Institutions I’ve trusted and relied on my entire life are under attack. Watch dogs and whistle blowers are treated like criminals. Patriotism has been replaced by blind loyalty to an incompetent, childish man with autocratic aspirations.

Going out in public makes me extremely anxious. The virus is only partially to blame. I worry more about someone from the alternative universe (where lies become truth and facts are fake news) coming after me for wearing a mask. God bless the USA.

I’m guessing few if any Trumpers read my blog. No doubt, any who do will accuse me of misrepresenting the facts. Then they’ll ask a question about Obama or Biden or something else — like it justifies the nefarious activities of the current administration. Responding is a waste of time.

Jaida Essence Hall, a current contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race, captured the essence of Trump’s strategy.

Trump isn’t responsible for the pandemic. That doesn’t let him off the hook. The United States is the hotspot of the world because of his lack of leadership. More than 90,000 Americans — so far — have died because his administration failed to act.

And it’s not over yet. If you listen to the experts — and I do — the worst is yet to come. So yeah, I’m anxious. Imagine how different things would be with a real leader in the Whitehouse. Someone who is a uniter rather than a divider.

Disagree if you want. I don’t care. You’re entitled to your opinion. I’ll continue to base mine on science and the preponderance of evidence.