This Week in the Garden

Staying home for the past few months has meant more time in the garden. Compared to previous years, I got off to a late start. Took a while to work up the nerve to hit garden centers. Fortunately, mild temperatures and plenty of rain extended the planting season.

Planting in the root zone of a tree is asking for trouble, but the space begs for something. I tried a few things last year, and was stunned when they returned this spring. A mix of dianthus, petunias and impatiens are doing well so far.

I cut several struggling boxwoods to the ground to make room for annuals until I make up my mind about permanent replacements. You can barely make out the coleus, melampodium, pentas, zinnias, lisianthus, and a new variety of vinca in the picture below. I’ll take more as the season progresses.

Orange daylilies planted along the back of the house (in desperate need of pressure-washing) were Dad’s. They’re not the doubles I wanted from his garden, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

My biggest flower bed extends across the back of my lot. Coleus has long been a favorite of mine, but the newer varieties are phenomenal. A trio of Wave petunias is just starting to bloom. The picture doesn’t do justice to the day-glo orangey-red “sunpatiens” in the front. The seedlings are baby zinnias.

The center gets the most sun and is the best spot for summer vegetables. Tomato plants (4) and bell peppers (2) are sandwiched between marigolds and gerber daisies and still more zinnias in the back.

Limbing up the magnolias opened up the backyard but forced me to find a shadier new home for indoor plants for the summer. The orchids have been blooming for months. The bright orange flowers are clivia which I’m also crowning as the flower of the week.

For your viewing pleasure, I plan to do garden updates with a “flower of the week” throughout the summer. Thanks for stopping by!