A Work in Progress

After downsizing in 2012, I decided to figure out what I wanted before doing much to the tiny yard. Changes since then have been obvious and mostly involve removing things to make mowing easier. The garden is still a work in progress, but what I want gets a little clearer every year.

New edgers and a long view of my little garden.

The rock edge on the lawn side of the dry streambed makes mowing and edging difficult. Keeping the Bermuda grass from growing between the rocks is impossible. Replacing the rocks with edgers solves the problem and will add several square feet of lawn.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how protected the backyard is. The picture above shows why. The six-foot privacy fence in the background sits atop a three-foot retaining wall with an even taller privacy fence on the other side. It’s on the north end of the yard too, to maximize protection from harsh winds.

New terrace behind the pots

Getting rid of the rocks I took out made no sense — rocks are a gardener’s best friend. They’re not cheap, either. Unlike my old Kentucky home where limestone accumulates on the side of the road, free rocks are hard to find around here.

A steep hill makes the entire northwest corner unusable. Creating an informal terrace added useable space. Yeah, there’s a lot going on — like tile, hardwood, linoleum and carpet in the same room. I’m hoping that with time, weather will soften the contrasts.

The vegetables are going gangbusters. The way the buttercrunch, romaine, and leaf lettuces are growing, Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a salad event. Fresh peas are a possibility for Christmas dinner. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, beets and turnips aren’t likely to be ready before next year.

Green peas with tomato cages for support

More change is coming. The two magnolias in the back are coming out. They’re just too big for my little yard. Without them, I won’t have an outside spot for my orchids. I’m thinking about a creative solution with a possible water feature. As always, I’ll keep you posted.