Seven Months Later…

COVID-19 has been with us for seven months. Millions of lives have been forever changed. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones, jobs, homes, or peace of mind. For me, the pandemic has so far been more inconvenience than hardship. I’m grateful, but take nothing for granted. I rarely leave home and always wear a mask when I do.

I canceled my gym membership due to COVID. A bout of plantar fasciitis has forced me to suspend my daily runs. Sprucing up the yard has become my total body workout. I’ve removed big limbs, cut shrubs back hard, and moved tons of rocks, edgers, soil, sand and mulch. I’ve kept off the weight I lost and the garden has been transformed.

Being home so much has been good practice for my upcoming retirement. I’ve had time to think about things around the house that do or don’t work for me. Needs, the little stuff, and bigger things I can do are mostly done. Big ticket wants are all that remain on my list.

Replacing the shower in the master bathroom is my top priority. The job will take five weeks with a price tag about triple what I’d expected. Blame wishful thinking on my part, the need for mold mitigation, and a contractor who convinced me to do the entire bathroom instead of just the shower.

These things have a way of spilling into other rooms. The walls in my house are all the same color. I’m ready for a change and going with a different color scheme for the bathroom. The rest of the house will need to be painted too. Two of three bedrooms need fresh paint and new carpet anyway.

The designer who helped with my first Athens house more than 20 years ago is helping. She’s come to my rescue many times, including when I bought this house. I give her a budget and free rein to do whatever she wants. I get highend finishes for my little jobs at bargain prices from close-outs, clearances, and discontinued stock she’s found. Thanks to her, people think I have great taste.

The bathroom renovation is in the queue. My designer is doing what she does to keep the customer happy. The painter is coming by next week to give me an estimate. I’m hoping to have all the work done by Christmas.

My last official working day is Christmas Eve — just two months from now. It will be here before I know it. Until then, I have plenty to keep me busy. As always, thanks for stopping by.