Alternative Reality

I am not a Republican. Although registered as a Democrat, I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool supporter. I’m not big on identity politics and am not a single-issue voter, but freely admit support for gay issues often moves me to vote for Democrats.

I believe in the party system. Leadership positions I’ve held have shown me the value of diverse points of view. Hearing opinions other than mine has been extremely helpful and often moved me to alter my position or even change my mind.

Solving problems requires agreement on the facts of the matter. Differences of opinion about how to respond to those facts are legitimate and worth discussing. Manufactured facts shut down the process and eliminate any hope of a solution.

That’s the point. Misinformation keeps problems from being solved. Maintaining the lie becomes the priority. Purveyors of lies, distorted facts, and fake science stand to lose a lot if the truth comes out. That’s why the tobacco industry lied about the dangers of cigarette smoke for decades.

The GOP and Trump in particular have bought into various conspiracies and untruths to mislead the public. The issues of the day are complicated enough without all the smoke and mirrors. We can agree to disagree on solutions, but facts are facts. Truth isn’t the opinion that gets the most votes.

Joe Biden won a free and fair election. More than 60 fraud cases filed in the courts were rejected or thrown out for lack of evidence — often from judges Trump appointed. The Supreme Court refused to weigh in for the same reason. That’s the truth.

No doubt, many Trump supporters will come at me with references and links proving me wrong. Save your time. I will not waste my time arguing with those who believe in the alternative reality.

I get it. We’re supposed to believe presidents, senators, representatives, ministers, and other trusted leaders. In facts around the 2020 election, however, they’re lying through their teeth.

Believers of the Big Lie stormed and desecrated our capitol last week. A tiny fraction have so far been arrested. Sergeants at Arms and police chiefs have resigned or been fired. The people responsible for inciting the riot need to be held accountable.

Trump, his family, Giuliani, Senators Cruz, Hawley, Hyde-Smith, Kennedy, Marshall, Tuberville and more than 130 members of the House STILL stand behind the Big Lie. Words matter. Whatever may happen in the weeks ahead, history will hold them accountable for the darkest day in our history.

Freedom of speech is not the right to spout bullshit and wild conspiracy theories that have been proven false. Facts matter. Lies kill. Stop the madness.