Patience is not among my strengths. Never has been. Waiting for my COVID-19 vaccination, completion of the renovation, and the end of cold weather has me a bit antsy.

Throughout my childhood and well into my teens, I didn’t sleep a wink on Christmas Eve. Anticipation built for weeks. By December 24th, sleep was impossible.

Christmas is date certain. Come hail or high water, it’s December 25th. Knowing the date made counting down possible, and that made waiting easier. Kind of.

I’m waiting for open-ended stuff. Work on the house is on track to finish by the end of the month — probably. I’ve registered for the vaccine, but have no idea when my number will come up. I’m not even eligible yet in Georgia.

With the renovation and the vaccine, I’ll know when it’s done. Once done, it’s over. No more angst.

The end of cold weather has no set date. The change of seasons raises my hope, but in no way guarantees the end of cold weather. Even here, freezes are possible into April.

Not knowing works my last nerve. The ten-day forecast on my phone doesn’t help. I see no sign of frost, but check again hours later and several nights well below freezing have magically appeared. Drives me CRAZY!

But that’s not the worst part. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts our last frost will be April 4. Maybe, maybe not. We won’t know if it was THE last freeze until we haven’t had any more.

My impatience won’t make the renovation go any faster, get me vaccinated sooner, or sway Mother Nature. The renovation wraps up this month. The last freeze and my vaccination will happen, eventually. Then I can start waiting for ripe tomatoes.