No More Waiting

Six months ago, I decided to do some remodeling around the house. I thought everything would be done by the end of December. Shows how much I know. Barring (another) unforeseen delay, the last project will be completed this week.

In my defense, work didn’t start until the first week of January. The list of projects expanded too — a lot. One thing led to another until, three months later, Chez Rupured has been transformed.

The initial plan was to upgrade the master shower and replace carpet in the bedrooms. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Along with new carpet, I ended up renovating the entire bathroom, painting every room, replacing old furniture, and fixing drainage issues in the backyard.

Except for renovating the kitchen and replacing the roof — both of which can wait — my “honey do” jar is empty. I’m tickled pink with the results. More than just the appearance, the changes improved the way the house functions.

I’m even happier the endless waiting for contractors and work crews is nearly over. All the activity derailed my routines. I quit blogging, stopped exercising, tossed my healthy diet out the window and gained the fifteen pounds I lost early in the pandemic.

The drainage work wrapped up two weekends ago. The natural-looking but ineffective streambed was replaced by an attractive drainage ditch. Took the rest of the week to clean up the edges and deal with the mountain of rock from the original streambed.

Finally started planting the plants I grew from seed this past weekend. Now I’m impulse shopping at garden centers all over town to fill the remaining space before it gets too hot to plant. I’m a little behind, but it’s still early enough in the season to catch up.

No more waiting for the vaccine either. I have an appointment for #2 in mid-April. By the end of the month, normal will more or less have returned. What that looks like now now that I’m retired remains to be seen. As always, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.