May Flowers

Hard to believe nearly a month has passed since my last post. Funny how time flies when you’re retired. Just thinking about work is enough to stress me out, and blogging often feels like work.

Running was the subject of my last post. Since then, I’ve logged 20-25 miles a week running three to six miles just about every day. My weight has dropped two more pounds. The new goal is 180 pounds.

A garden update is long overdue. The seed-starting operation closed for the season weeks ago. Many of the summer annuals are in bloom with lots more to come.

The biennials I started from seed last year are blooming. The foxgloves have just peaked and never needed staking. The Canterbury Bells — one of my all-time favorite flowers — are just starting to bloom. Individual blossoms are about the same size as foxgloves and come in pink, purple and white.

Moving the fountain out a few feet significantly increased the sun exposure. Aquatic plants are doing much better this year. The goldfish have grown — a lot — especially Smoky. Formerly-all-white Curly now sports an orange spot. Surrounding plants are filling in nicely. Most are in pots so I can shift them around as needed.

Late winter annuals (dianthus, pansies, viola and snapdragons) get hot afternoon sun and are fading fast. Summer annuals (marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and Wave petunias) are growing fast and just starting to bloom. The last of the lettuce (harvested this morning) is in the fridge.

Summer is still a month away. Existing bare spots and any that appear after the winter annuals burn up will stay bare. Rain has been in short supply the past few weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’re not going into another drought. As always, you know I’ll keep you posted — sooner or later. Thanks for stopping by!