Population Explosion

The population in my 29-gallon aquarium is growing exponentially. The momma fish keep having babies! Several will soon be grandmas.

I have no idea how many guppy, platy and molly babies have been born. Given the chance, fry of all three varieties grow quickly. Hiding until they’re too big to be eaten by bigger fish is the key to survival.

There are lots of guppies of various ages. First-brood males are chasing the gals. So far, the males resemble their dads.

There are many more platies than I thought from two or three different broods. The mommas’ wag pattern (black tail and fins) persists in most if not all the babies. I’m surprised by all the variation in body color including white, tan, yellow, gold, and orange.

Getting good pictures is a challenge. There are lots of fast-moving fish. Here’s a short video. Trigger Alert for dog owners! Squeaky toy in the background.

The female mollies have had lots and lots of babies–many more than the other varieties. Until recently, they didn’t survive more than a day or two. Tiny guppy and platy babies blend into the gravel. Black molly babies stand out against the gravel and plants.

The supply of babies exceeds the demand for food. Several baby mollies are big enough to survive. Or not. Figuring out what to do with surplus guppies and platies will be enough of a challenge. As always, I’ll keep you posted.