The Bear King of Snowbird Mountain

Published August 18, 2014

Recently single Jeremy Jenkins is an average guy working hard as a landscape designer in the mountains of Tennessee. At a conference in DC, he meets gorgeous Donald Matthews, who says the strangest things—like how he thinks Jeremy is hot and wants them to spend the rest of their lives together.

This story is part of A Taste of Honey, a Dreamspinner Press Anthology. Other stories in the collection:

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Hearts on Fire Reviews says:

What happens when you meet a bear in downtown DC? A bear who is the perfect male specimen and seems to be waiting there just for you? Well, you give in, of course. In this story, Jeremy meets Donald and enjoys his time with him but finds it strange that Donald seems to be so determined that he’s destined for him. When pressed, Donald breaks down and explains that he’s actually a bear during the full moon and that he’s descended from the Bear King. He would have been king himself, but chose to fulfill the destiny foretold by his grandmother in which he would meet Jeremy, his lifemate. This is a cute short story in which Jeremy is proved wrong in his belief that Donald is just making up the story, and comes to accept the fact that he really does need Donald in his life. There’s a lot of story here, packed in a few pages. Very well done.