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Oct 10, 2013

After Christmas Eve Blog Hop

MLR Press has released After Christmas Eve, my second novel, and I’m having a party! To celebrate I’m giving away lots of copies. Keep reading to find out how to win. The celebration begins with a giveaway on Sid Love’s web site starting tomorrow. Next week, Joyfully Jay is offering another giveaway. Rules vary with each site. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win. I’m giving away ten more free copies (ebooks) of After Christmas Eve through an eleven-stop blog hop. For the next two weeks, I’ll do a guest post a day, Monday through Friday, on eleven different blogs. Comment on this post and/or my posts on any of the participating blogs before midnight, October 25, 2013 for a chance …
Oct 07, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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A Writer’s Temperament

Anything I’ve done — whether writing a novel, losing fifty pounds, becoming a runner, or whatever — I tend to believe anyone can do. On the other hand, just about everyone I know does something I could never do.  I’m not smart enough, don’t think that way, or lack the talent. I’m an ordinary guy in a world of extraordinary people. Recent conversations about becoming a published author opened my eyes. I encouraged two friends who like to write to try writing a novel, insisting, since I had done it, they could too. They disagreed, and in different ways, told me I have what they referred to as “a writer’s temperament.” I wouldn’t repeat the character-building decade of my twenties …

Oct 03, 2013

Layla M. Wier: Homespun

Hi, and thank you to so much to Michael for hosting me today! This is the third week of my blog tour for my novella Homespun, released Sept. 18 from Dreamspinner Press. During my blog tour, which runs ’til Oct. 8, I’m giving away a handmade scarf, knit or crocheted by me specially for you, in a style and yarn color that you get to pick! (This would also be a great holiday gift for someone else!) More details here: – you just need to comment on any of the posts in the tour to be entered. I’ve rarely had a story seize me in its teeth and insist on being written the way this one did. The idea …
Sep 30, 2013
By Michael Rupured

The Serious Writer

The first advice aspiring authors get is to write every day.  Jobs and other responsibilities are just excuses. The serious writer should get out of bed several hours before anyone else, or stay up after they’ve gone to bed. Whatever it takes to meet the daily requirement. Writing time, when I can find it, has always been a fun and enjoyable escape from the daily grind and the pressures of the real world. Becoming an author raised the bar, forcing me to act more like a serious writer should. The occasional hobby I’d loved became a chore. Trying to follow the daily writing edict sucked every ounce of joy, not just from writing, but from my whole life. Wah! Don’t get me wrong. I …

Sep 26, 2013

Rebecca Cohen: Life in the Land

My latest release, Life in the Land, is a tale of romance and the everyday life of a superhero. But as well as my two leading men, Bobby and Mike, the other stars of the novella are the land itself and the crops that grow on the family farm. I hold my hands up, I’m a biologist. There I said it! With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that I chose a slightly quirky angle to how my superhero, Bobby, has to deal with his superhuman gifts. The gifts themselves manifest from the magic in the land of the family farm, and Bobby has to connect to the magic in order to get his superpowers. I don’t want to spoil …
Sep 23, 2013
By Michael Rupured


I am not a hoarder. The neat freak in me couldn’t handle the mess. If anything, I err in the opposite direction, tossing stuff others would probably keep. Whether the result of nature or nurture, I can’t say. As with most traits, I suspect both play a role. My parents were both OCD control freaks. At least once every few months, I’d come home to find my bedroom spick and span…almost. A note atop a mountain of clutter piled on the bed, almost to the ceiling, advised me to deal with the mess, pronto, if I knew what was good for me. Knowing what’s good for me has never been my forte. Google “slow learner” and my picture shows up in …

Sep 19, 2013

Lynley Wayne: Rocky’s Road

Thanks for having me, Michael. I fell in love with the characters in this book while writing, Scars. Rocky is the little brother of Jace, who is the main character from Scars, and Landon is Jace’s friend. By the end of that book I knew these two were destined to be together. MLR Press will release Rocky’s Road September 20. Blurb: How can you find yourself when you don’t know where to start? For Rocky, the move from Indiana to Maryland isn’t half as daunting as the prospect of finally taking the time to explore his sexuality.  Luckily for him, Rocky has his brother’s best friend for a guide… Landon had all but given up on finding someone to spend his …
Sep 16, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Two at Once

For me, writing a novel is a lot like a relationship. Managing more than one at a time is just too complicated for my simple mind. Yet, despite my usual single-mindedness of purpose, I’m currently working on two novels. After writing the first two books in the holiday series, I wanted to try something different. Adventures in Trauma Car is a first-person coming-of-age story very loosely based on my life. Figuring I knew the story well enough not to need an outline or character sketches, I forged ahead. But 30,000 words in, I hit a wall. I’d changed things up so much that any resemblance to my life had disappeared. I hit this wall with every book I write. The story …

Sep 12, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Masculine Enhancement

Listening to talk radio on long drives keeps me from falling asleep. Depending on traffic, a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh can keep me seething for a good fifty miles. Though his partisan rants are intended to amuse, the real entertainment comes from some of the ads — especially the ads for masculine enhancement. For the uninitiated, uninformed, or blissfully unaware, masculine enhancement is a radio-friendly euphemism for penis enlargement. That’s right, ladies (and both of the men who read my blog), your man can now buy pills, potions, devices, and exercise plans guaranteed to add inches to his… er, masculinity. Looking for a gift for the man who has everything?  Rare, indeed, is the guy who wouldn’t mind another inch …

Sep 12, 2013

Anna Lee: The Galerir Saga

I’m Anna Lee and I’m here to talk about my series The Galerir Saga. The first story, The Prince of Galerir, was released last year by MLR Press. The sequel, The Battle for Galerir was just released on Friday. And I’ve got about 2/3 written for the next story in the series, Reuniting Galerir… The Prince of Galerir is both the love story of Tomas and Griffin along with the tale of the kingdom of Galerir. Galerir needs a king who can reunite the land with magik and stop an enemy from invading before it’s too late. This first story is the start of Tomas and Griffin’s journey with their dragon, Sera, as they begin to take the path to …
Sep 09, 2013
By Michael Rupured

My Yogurt Addiction

Almost every morning, I have a cup of flavored Greek yogurt and berries for breakfast. Ciobani is my brand. The design of the container accommodates more berries than that of other brands, and I flat out love the stuff.  At least, certain flavors — I’ll get to that. But first, some context. For longer than I care to admit, breakfast wasn’t on my agenda. Time was a factor, since I slept until the last possible second — even when I worked second shift. Depending on how drunk I got the night before, the very idea of eating a hearty, artery-clogging breakfast right out of bed was often enough to make me nauseous. Dealing with dirty dishes first thing in the morning …

Sep 08, 2013

Suicide Prevention Week

After Christmas Eve, scheduled for release on October 11 by MLR Press, begins with a suicide. When I stumbled across a call for the Authors Care! blog hop for Suicide Prevention Week, I signed up to show my support. As part of the hop, you can win a $50 gift certificate from Amazon by visiting a Rafflecopter giveaway. My experience with suicide is limited to the loss of a few classmates and a family member or two I didn’t know very well. So I asked a woman I’ve known for almost fifty years to tell you about her son, Travis. Janet is raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you’d like to help, click here. I would like to …
Sep 05, 2013

Nicole Forcine: This Little Whatever

Today’s guest, Nicole Forcine, shares an Interview with Jonathan Mendoza, from her new release This Little Whatever. What’s your name and describe your looks. E. Jonathan Mendoza, at your service. I’m the total package; tall, dark, handsome and very, very flexible. What’s the “E.” stand for? None of your fucking business. Next question. What do you do for a living? For a living?  You mean my job? Yes. Never held a job a day in my life.  I’m a dancer, belly not pole, and I turn wire into jewelry. My specialty is anything chain mail. Weirdest thing you’ve ever made out of chain mail? A ball bag.  Just look it up.  Measuring that one was fun. How long have you been dancing …
Sep 02, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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And the Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who participated in the month-long giveaway to celebrate my one year anniversary as a published author. I’m tickled pink so many people participated. In fact, my first giveaway was so successful, I’ve decided to mail an autographed copy of Until Thanksgiving to five lucky winners. I’m especially grateful to Lane Hayes, Z. Allora, Tempe O’Riley, Andrew Grey, and Shira Anthony for guest posts during the giveaway. Even though they all write male-male romances, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse group of authors. I hope one of the new releases they talked about piqued your interest and that you’ve found another “must read” writer. The winners are: Pam Blevins, who I also proclaim my biggest fan. …

Aug 29, 2013

Shira Anthony: Stealing the Wind

Are Mermen the Next Vampires? Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea Book 1), by Shira Anthony Thanks so much, Michael, for hosting me on your blog and letting me ramble a bit about my mermen.  For those of you who haven’t heard, Stealing the Wind was just released from Dreamspinner Press and is the first book in a series featuring shape-shifting mermen. High adventure, high romance, set on the high seas. When I first imagined Stealing the Wind and the creatures who inhabit the book, there were very few books about mermen (gay mermen in particular) on the market.  Now, I’m hearing about lots of books soon to be released, and I have to wonder if mermen aren’t the new …