The Crotchety Old Man

Feb 18, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Writers Read

I’ve been a voracious reader for most of my life. Name a genre, and I’ve read it. Mystery, horror, romance, adventure, fantasy, erotica, historical, science fiction…   Whatever I could find was just fine. My favorite? All of the above and more. I like variety. Story is what matters to me. Give me a good one and I’m in to the end. Shoot, depending on the circumstances, it doesn’t even have to be very good. Thirty years ago I read through a big box of Harlequin romances a coworker kept under her desk just to pass the time. Becoming a writer has raised the bar. Story is still important. But now I pay attention to a lot of other stuff …

Feb 16, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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My Love Life: An Epiphany

Five months ago, my partner of almost twelve years told me he wanted out. To say the news upset me would be an understatement of near epic proportions. Tidal waves of fear washed over me as I thought about a future without him. I’m happy to say that, although we move in different circles, he’s still very much a part of my life. We get together for dinner or play dates for the dogs, see each other at work and the gym, and help each other out as the need arises. I love him, always will, and know he feels the same way about me. That we’re still close has made moving on a lot easier. From the start, the …

Feb 13, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Dealing with Rejection

When it comes to writing, practice makes perfect. The more I write, the better my writing gets. The improvement comes in terms of both the mechanical aspects–grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary–and in my ability to create a good story. In its current form, Glass Houses, the very first book I penned back in 2010, will never get published. The writing is strong, but the memoir violates the first rule of creating a good story: show don’t tell. My tell-all memoir is all tell, and for that reason, there’s not a publisher in the world that would give it a second look. I, of course, thought Glass Houses was fantastic, an opinion re-enforced by numerous friends and family members who read the 110,000 …

Feb 10, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Toodles Returns

I’m back. Have you missed me? What a stupid question. Of course you have!  Two years is a long time to go without your Toodles fix. It’s Daddy’s fault you haven’t heard from me. He hogs the computer to write those books of his. On a good day, I’m lucky to sneak online long enough to update my Dogbook status. I haven’t checked my Bitches-N-Heat profile for weeks. No telling what that dreamy little Papillon I’ve had my eye on thinks. He’s adorable. I’d love to have his puppies, except I think he’s been fixed, too. Hooking up is one thing. Living with another dog is more than I want to take on. I refuse to share my treats, toys, …

Feb 09, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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Bitten by the Garden Bug

When my first ex and I moved into a duplex back in the late 1980s, the yard wasn’t even a factor in our search. The previous tenant must have had a big dog or two, as the fenced in back yard was more mud than grass–especially the perimeter. I planted a few impatiens around the patio and tossed flower seed, purchased for ten cents a pack from the Ben Franklin Five and Dime store, along the inside of the fence. By summer’s end, I was hooked on gardening. The realtor who helped me find my first home said I bought the yard I wanted and took the house that came with it. For my first Georgia residence, I focused more …

Feb 06, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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Hello New Me!

The year I turned fifty, my health went down the toilet. My colonoscopy turned up a precancerous lesion that required surgery, but fortunately, needed no chemotherapy or radiation. The retina specialist diagnosed my advanced macular degeneration, and I was in and out of the dermatologist’s office with numerous skin problems. The last straw was finding out I was borderline diabetic because of the weight I’d gained. The cancer scare and the macular degeneration were upsetting. Perhaps because it was the last of the run of bad health news I got, the diabetes sent me over the edge. I spent several days crying about the shape I was in. That so many things turned up at the same time was a …

Feb 02, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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My New Normal: Part Deux

I’m a grown-assed man and a creature of habit. Having never had a wife or children, I’m also used to having things my way. Yes, I’m more than a little set in my ways and interfering, as any of my ex-lovers will tell you, is ill-advised. For all kinds of reasons, changing my morning routine–the subject of My New Normal: Part One (posted January 13)–requires an act of Congress. Even if I wanted to change, getting a bill through the House and the Senate isn’t going to happen. So I’m stuck with what I’ve got which is just fine by me. After the restructuring I no longer had someone to cook for me, do all the shopping, and take care of …

Jan 31, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Writing Update

Things are finally settling into something I’m calling my new normal. My kitchen table is down to just three piles–a stack of clothes that need to go to the dry cleaner, a reminder from my realtor that I need to get downtown to file the homestead exemption for my new house, and the stack of documents needed for my tax return. A stack-free table is within my grasp for the first time since I moved. Preparations for my first public appearance as a romance novelist last week kept me busy. I had to go downtown to the zoning board and get permission to operate a business (Michael Rupured, Author) out of my home. Then I took the paper they gave …

Jan 27, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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Dereliction of Duties: Seven Excuses

My new normal is crazy busy. I thought the situation was temporary. For months I’ve believed that things would slow down once I got over the next hump. Being a slow learner, it took me more than a year to figure out that busy is here to stay. Reading and commenting on the blogs I’ve followed, for years in some cases, has been a casualty of my new normal. Sweet Manty67 over at Him, Her and Us gave my blog the Liebster Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award back in early December.  Thank you so much! Being picked from among so many great blogs by anyone is an honor, and I’m embarrassed that it has taken me so long to …

Jan 25, 2013

Tali Spencer: Dangerous Beauty

Building a Character: Family and Faith Thank you, Michael, for letting me visit today to talk about something near and dear to me: building solid characters. I like to start with what they believe in or hold dear. All of us have built our lives upon something. When I created the character of Endre for my fantasy novel, Dangerous Beauty, I wanted to write about a certain kind of man: young, privileged, idealistic, completely devoted to his family, and a firm believer in his god. Endre challenges a great many things about his world—whether the earth is at its center, if mathematics can unravel the mysteries of the stars, if common men and women are not indeed the equals of …
Jan 23, 2013

M.A. Church: Perfect

It’s indeed a pleasure to welcome my good friend, M.A. Church to talk about her new release, Perfect. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s not too soon to talk about Cupid and matters of the heart–as only she can do! What if the gods walk among us? Cupid (Latin, cupido, meaning “desire”) in Roman mythology is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. His Greek counterpart is Eros, but Cupid is also known in Latin as Amor (“Love”). Many names for one person, right? Eros appears in Classical Greek art as a young-looking, slender-winged youth who is often depicted as being mischievous, but during the Hellenistic period he’s increasingly portrayed as a chubby boy. It was during …
Jan 22, 2013
By Michael Rupured

The Way We Were

Some of you probably remember the way things were before the Internet made anyone with a Smartphone or a computer a know-it-all. Okay, who am I kidding? Nobody much under forty reads my blog. As memory loss is far more likely to be an issue, let me remind you. When a question came up, we would often spend hours arguing about the answer. One camp would swear on everything sacred that Movie A had been made before Movie B, and that so-and-so was in both films but Kevin Bacon was not.  Everyone staked out varying and usually conflicting opinions on the subject. If it went that far, somebody called Aunt Gertrude because she adores Kevin Bacon and was old enough to …

Jan 20, 2013
By Michael Rupured

The Longest Month

January is my least favorite month. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I detest the first 31 days of the year. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. Let’s start with the temperature. Here in Athens, January is the coldest month of the year. The average high is 54, and the average low is 33. Not even freezing. We’ve had quite a few days with highs in the upper 60s and into the 70s this year, which helps…some. Even if what we call cold might be considered downright balmy elsewhere, I still hate it. Then there’s the weather. Snow and ice are rare enough that even the threat of it is a major news event. Instead …

Jan 13, 2013
By Michael Rupured
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My New Normal: Part One

Now that the holiday season is over and the dust has settled from moving, my new normal has arrived. Routines are still evolving and will change somewhat with the seasons, of course. But the outlines and patterns are clear. Whether I have to work or not, I’m almost always up by 5:30. In the past, I blamed my early waking on my ex getting up to go to the gym. I still say it’s his fault I developed the habit, though in truth, I’ve been an early riser for decades. Toodles waits in the bed, wagging her tail, while I stumble into the bathroom to weigh myself and throw on some clothes. She doesn’t have a choice–she’s too little to …

Jan 11, 2013

Secret Chemistry by Chris T. Kat

Michael, thank you very much for having me back on your blog. Congrats on the release of your novel Until Thanksgiving—which made DSP’s bestseller list—again! My new novel Secret Chemistry released today. Buy it here. It’s an m/m shape-shifter romance, which lead me to think about the topic of shape-shifter. Shape-shifting means one (or more) humans have the ability to shift into an animal. The most popular animal is the werewolf but there are other animals that have been used; like dragons for example. The Harry Potter series has animagi—people who have the ability to transform into an ability—as well as the fantastic Belgariad series by David Eddings. For Secret Chemistry I chose the well-used trope of werewolves. I’m aware there are …