Home Again–Day Two

After completing week four, day three of the Couch to 5K running program on the treadmill yesterday morning, I got cleaned up and headed downstairs for the free breakfast buffet at my hotel. Meh. There were no danishes or donuts or pastries. I had a reasonably healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla with a couple of strips of bacon (the real thing, not that turkey crap I’ve been eating), and some canned peaches and pineapple.

I made up for my healthy breakfast at lunch. My dear friend, Robin, picked me up at the hotel. She’s an important but minor character in Glass Houses who, as it turns out, knew even then that I was gay. It’s probably just as well she didn’t tell me. Lord only knows the problems coming out in high school would have caused. Anyway, we spent the afternoon at Sir Pizza (one of my “must eat” foods when I come to Lexington) reminiscing and catching up. Then we went for a drive around town featuring a run through Lexington’s new double-diamond interchange (one of only two or three in the country) and trips by places where we once lived.

She dropped me off at the hotel and after a little nap, I visited another classmate who happened to be staying in the same hotel.  We didn’t eat anything–just talked. I got a text message during our visit letting me know my date for the reunion was on her way. I gave her my room number and returned to wait for her.

My date arrived, looking like a million bucks in an outfit that perfectly matched the black corduroy pants, red and white striped shirt (slenderizing vertical stripes of course), and darling boot-shoes–an outfit I’d recently purchased just for the reunion. We looked great and as we were meeting others for dinner, didn’t eat anything.

We left the hotel and headed for Regatta Seafood to hook up with Ramona and Marie (and her husband, Brian), without whom, thanks mostly to their help with calculus,  I never would have graduated from high school.  I ordered fried scallops with asparagus for a side which came with an “endless” salad with Ranch dressing.  We settled with our waitress at eight o’clock–the scheduled time for our reunion to start–perfect timing for a fashionably late arrival.

I had a blast at the reunion visiting with old friends, new friends (thanks to Facebook), and others with whom I share a lot of history. It took a while for the dancing mood to strike the group, but once it did, I hardly left the dance floor. Those who were there will tell you I threw in quite a few Zumba moves. In fact, when the senior superlatives were announced, I received a special award for something related to Zumba. I was touched and wore the Tates Creek Commodores baseball cap that I received for most of the rest of the night.

Although there was quite a spread, I barely touched the food at the reunion. I’m also pleased to report I only had two cocktails, several hours apart. I’m beyond needing social lubricants.

The party broke up at midnight when the stragglers moved from the rented site of the reunion to the public bar located on the floor below. Much dancing ensued. In fact, between the reunion and the after-party, I feel like I danced enough to count for at least one hour and possibly two of Zumba. So maybe I’m doing better at sticking to my healthy-living regimen than I thought. We’ll find out for sure when I weigh in on Monday back at…

My Glass House

2 responses to “Home Again–Day Two”

  1. The reunion sounds fabulous. I think ours is going to be a dud. Everyone I have talked to says they are ‘not dancers’. I submitted the list of music for the DJ, and specifically requested that “Electric Slide” and other group-dances NOT be used as ice-breakers, because nobody will want to get up and break the ice. and i don’t want to ‘waste’ the songs at the beginning of the dancin’ time. maybe after a few folks get up and dance, then others will join in the line-dancing. I’m thinking, though, that nobody is going to dance at all. We’re not having alcohol at our shindig, so there won’t be any help from the bar to get the party started. we probably would have been just as well to save our DJ money and use somebody’s iPod for a little background music. There will probably be nothing to blog about after mine. Several of us have worked really hard, and I still have hours of work ahead… so maybe at least the food will be good, and folks will enjoy visiting. Then again, maybe i’ll be surprised, and it will be the event of the season. 🙂 Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    • It’s really all about seeing everyone. Good food helps. The bar definitely induced dancing though a few of our classmates over-imbibed. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!