My Chihuahuas

About this time three years ago, my partner finally convinced me that we needed a dog. Having had cats and tropical fish for most of the previous three decades, I was enjoying a pet-free existence. Having always had a dog, my partner felt differently. After five years of him begging to get a puppy, being the sweet man you all know me to be, I finally relented.

The only dog he’d ever heard me speak highly of was Fuzzy, a black, long-haired Chihuahua my godmother had when I was growing up. Fuzzy was the cutest little dog I’d ever seen. He died young, somehow the result of having knocked up a Labrador Retriever. My godmother kept his progeny, Simmy (an over-sized long-haired Chihuahua) and Demon (a toy Labrador Retriever) for many years until they finally joined their father in doggie heaven.

Once I green-lighted the puppy, my partner immediately set out to find a black long-haired Chihuahua. Some would consider this a little devious. Others would say he was merely increasing his chances for success. I’ll let you make your own decision

Tico was clearly my partner’s dog. Less than six months after we got him, I decided we needed another Chihuahua.  I wanted to get a little girl and to name her Toodles, after my favorite aunt who passed away in 2005.  As luck would have it, we ended up getting her from the same people who sold us Tico.

I’m crazy about our little Chihuahuas. In fact, unless you need a working dog for home security or to herd sheep or something, I can’t understand why anyone would want any other breed. Their small size (Tico weighs about eight pounds; Toodles tips the scale at nearly six pounds) is the big advantage. Here are some reasons why.

Poop. The size of the pile is directly related to the size of the dog. Some of our neighbors have dogs that leave piles that weigh more than Toodles does.

Food and Treats Cost Less. Our little dogs get a half cup of food twice a day. That means a 25-pound bag of dog food lasts a good long time. Ditto with treats.

No Drinking from Toilets.  Our Chihuahuas can’t even see inside the toilet when they stand on their hind legs. Consequently, they only drink water from the bowls we have set aside just for that purpose.

No Breakage. Tico chases Toodles all over the house. It’s a riot because she has several ‘safe places’ where he can’t get to her. She’ll wait until he isn’t looking and make a mad dash for another safe spot. And the best part is we don’t have to worry about anything getting broken.

No Unexpected Changes. A friend of mine had a bulldog that re-arranged the furniture while she was at work. One day he pushed the sofa up against the front door and she couldn’t get into her apartment. Hysterical.

Cuddle buds. Tico and Toodles go to bed with us every night.  Tico gets restless which causes my partner to get up and put him in the kennel. He and Tico both prefer to be left alone when they’re sleeping. Toodles and I, however, prefer sleeping all cuddled up together. I sleep on my side with her snuggled up into my neck as close as she can get. If I turn over, she runs across the top of the pillow and assumes her position on the other side. Adorable.

I can’t imagine life with a bigger dog. For me, good things definitely come in small packages. At least that’s how it is here in…

My Glass House

2 responses to “My Chihuahuas”

  1. I love all dogs and the reasons you give for owing a small dog are all excellent, and your chihuahuas are adorable. However, I’m a big dog person. Little dogs make me nervous. I’m afraid I’ll step on them, or roll over on them in my sleep or they will get stuck in a hole in the back yard or carried off by an owl.
    I love a big, goofy dog that almost knocks me down when I walk in the door. That probably explains my attraction to my husband.

  2. There are definitely down sides to little dogs. Being carried off by a bird was a huge fear when they were puppies, and we still worry about a bigger dog attacking one of them. Toodles has to have baths a lot, too. She’s so short the fur on her hind quarters sometimes pools under her tail when she squats. Yeah, I know…ewwww!