Back on Track

I recorded my lowest weight (224) in early August.  That low reflects a total of 22 pounds lost this year. Since that low, my weight has hovered around 226, plus or minus a pound, with a lot more pluses than minuses.

My lack of progress has been discouraging. It’s not like I’ve given up. I’m still on Weight Watchers, and since early September, have been going to the gym almost every day and jogging at least three times a week.  I thought by now I’d look like Hulk Hogan and be wearing a Speedo to work on casual Fridays to show off my new physique.  How’s that for an image?

The trip to Kentucky back in October for my high school reunion was a minor setback. By the time I recovered, I went to the conference in Jacksonville. The following week was Thanksgiving. In all three cases I ate too much of the wrong things and missed time at the gym.

Despite my lack of progress, I do see results. My doctor took me off one of the medications I’ve been taking for several years. I’m also wearing Large shirts now instead of XL, my pants are literally falling off me, and I’ve tightened all my belts by several holes. Thanks to all the work on weight machines, my arms are probably the biggest they’ve ever been, too.

Still, I’ve got a long way to go. Though they’ve probably dropped several cup sizes, man boobs are still an issue. I’ve been doing a ton of sit-ups but still have a roll of fat that slips over the waistband of my drawers. Deep down below those love handles is a six-pack just waiting to emerge from it’s fatty cocoon.

With Thanksgiving behind me, I’ve tried to get back on track. I’m happy to report that one of the half dozen times I weighed myself this morning, 223.9 appeared on the scale. That’s my lowest weight since the winter of 2006.

Losing weight after Thanksgiving is unprecedented. Could it be I’ve turned the corner? I sure hope so.

Christmas is just three weeks away. Between now and then, I’m going to stick to my program. Hopefully sometime next year, I’ll post pictures of me running around in that Speedo here in…

My Glass House