So Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum is out of the race. My faith in humanity has been partially restored. I say partially because he did manage to win several state primaries. What were those people thinking???

Part of me kinda sorta hoped he’d be the Republican nominee. If the GOP wants a borderline fascist candidate who seems intent on returning us to the sixties, I say let them have it. But then I worried about where I’d move if he actually managed to win the election. I’ve lived in the hot and humid deep south too long to move to Canada, and unless I learn Spanish, there just aren’t a lot of options.

Santorum’s departure leaves Mitt “Etch-a-Sketch” Romney and Ron “Gut the Government” Paul. Oh yeah, and then there’s Newt who won’t leave the race until the little voices he hears in his head quit telling him he could win. Unless there’s some kind of rebellion at the GOP convention, looks like Romney has locked up the nomination.

Congratulations, Mr. President. Looks like the GOP has rolled out the red carpet for your reelection. Red carpet, get it?

I found out about Santorum’s departure from a Facebook post by a Republican I’ve known and liked since I met her back in the seventh grade. We may not agree, but we have always respected each others’ views. I can say the same thing about quite a few of my friends. That we disagree about politics has never caused problems for our friendship.

Given our shared histories, it would take a lot more than a political disagreement to turn us against each other. I can’t say that for all my Facebook friends. Several on the far right end of the political spectrum have unfriended and blocked me because of my views and their intolerance for anyone who thinks differently than they do. I’m guessing there are a few more who would unfriend me for the same reason if they only had the nerve.

That I may disagree with someone’s political or religious views doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. And it certainly doesn’t mean we’re enemies. That’s the problem with politics today. Our political leaders–especially on the right–demonstrate absolutely no tolerance or respect for views other than their own. Though compromise is what has made our country great, they refuse to compromise. Apparently, they believe their views are the only views that matter.

Friends disagree with each other every day without ever becoming enemies. Ask any service member who has fought for our country in Iraq or Afghanistan. They’ll tell you. An enemy is someone who wants to do you harm–like kill you or your loved ones.

Republicans aren’t my enemies. Democrats aren’t the enemy either, and that includes President Obama–duly elected leader of our country. If you think he’s the enemy, then maybe you should move to Afghanistan or Iran or some other foreign country where people would agree with you. Or maybe you should just grow up and enter the 21st century. That’s the goal here in…

My Glass House

4 responses to “Enemies?”

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one. People are all “it’s us versus them” when referring to the two sides of an issue. But it’s all “us versus us.” Treating the opposing point of view like an enemy is counterproductive.
    And how many people do you think have waited for this moment just so they could finally say “Rick Santorum has pulled out!”

    • OK…you made me snort water all over my keyboard. Fortunately I invested in a keypad protector so no harm done. Besides, I think I owe you a few good liquid snorts!

  2. Santorum never ever in a thousand years could take Pennsylvania. We hates him. Forever.

    Nice job, Michael! I enjoyed that. : ) (Newt’s little voices are telling him he has a chance with Rick out of the way. Watch out! :D)

    • Ha! I wondered if he had a chance in PA after he got trounced in the senate race. Newt’s little voices have a way of misleading him–just ask his first two wives! As always, thanks for reading!