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I have to admit, Dancing with the Stars has never been “must see” television for me. But now and then, one of the celebrities catches my attention and I have to check it out. After I saw a list of the celebrity contestants for this season, I really didn’t think this would be a season I’d watch.

Dancing with the Stars first aired in the Summer of 2005. If I watched that first season at all, I don’t remember. The fourteenth season started a couple of weeks ago, and you can bet your tap shoes my butt will be planted in front of the television for every episode.

The first season I watched was the fall of 2006. Harry Hamlin was a contestant. Prior to watching, I thought he was kind of hot. But the contestants that kept me watching were smoking hot Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence, surprisingly sexy with his shaved head. The sexy costumes kept me coming back for more. I was hooked.

The cast is always an interesting mix of has-beens, up-and-comers, and career switchers. Being on the show can be a great career move. Or not. For some, the last ditch attempt to stay in the spotlight doesn’t end well at all. Appearing on DWTS launched Mario Lopez into the stratosphere, but didn’t work out nearly as well for Joey Lawrence.

For various and sundry reasons, there are other celebrities that kept me watching. Though I never paid much attention to her before the show, in Season 5 Marie Osmond kept me coming back. I’m not sure why.  Kristi Yamaguchi, Steve “I was hot once” Guttenberg, Priscilla Presley, and Marlee Matlin kept me mildly interested in Season 6. Cloris Leachman and Kim Kardashian weren’t enough to keep my interest in Season 7. And though I’m a huge gymnastics fan, I lost interest in watching Shawn Johnson early in the 8th season.

I didn’t really watch Season 9, but believe that appearing on the show was a smart career move for Kelly Osbourne. She got a bad reputation on her parent’s reality show which she  totally turned around on DWTS. Her success on DWTS probably landed her the role as Joan River’s sidekick on Fashion Police (that cattiest show on television…seriously).

Season 10 was the train wreck I couldn’t stop watching. The tragic dancing of Shannen Doherty, Kate Gosselin, Buzz Aldrin and Niecy Nash were the perfect complement to the mastery of figure skating champ Evan Lysacek and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Throw in the boundless ego of Chad Ochocinco and I’d say it was the most entertaining season of the series.

Margaret Cho and Bristol Palin kept me interested in Season 11–briefly. Wendy “How You Doin?” Williams, Kirstie Alley of weight loss (and gain and loss) fame, and UGA alumni Hines Ward made Season 12 interesting. The controversy around Chaz Bono’s appearance last season and the comic relief provided by Carson Kressley were enough to get me to tune in now and then.

Which brings us to the current season. I tuned in to see Jaleel White, Gladys Knight, and Sherri Shepherd. Meh. It’s early in the season, but I think coming on the show was a good career move for Jaleel White. It’s taken a while, but we can finally see him as something other than Master Geek Steve Urkel. I predict he’ll end up in the top three.

But the main reason you’ll find my butt planted in front of the television for Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars is…(drum roll please)…

William Levy

I’d never heard of William Levy before, either. He’s a 31-year-old Tele Novela star from Cuba that makes Mario Lopez look downright homely. I’m telling you, this man is H.O.T! As with Mario, I predict that appearing on DWTS will catapult Mr. Hotness into the stratosphere. Either way, we’ll be watching him shake his groove thing every week here in…

My Glass House

2 responses to “Must See TV”

  1. I haven’t watched this season. I kind of lost interest over the years as I found one thing or another that would have me angrily shaking my fist at the TV. I will say that I loved Drew Lachey who I think took it the first season and I am a fan of Maxim – well, I was. He now seems to love himself so much that there’s no room for me. Sigh. I googled William. Hubba hubba. And does it make me a total nerd that I just used the term hubba, hubba? I don’t care, he is worth it.

    • When it comes to William Levy, hubba hubba is totally acceptable. Just looking at him makes it hard to think! From what I’ve seen on DWTS, he has a great personality, too. I’m thinking about watching some tele novellas–and I don’t speak Spanish!