Yesterday’s post ended with me saying I’d have to figure out whether or not to visit my dying father all by myself. I was wrong about having to do it by myself. The comments I received here, on my Facebook page, and in dozens of email messages helped immensely. Thank you. That so many would take the time to offer encouragement and support touched me deeply.

Turns out, I’m not the first to have an awkward parental relationship. Lots of people have had less than ideal relationships with a parent–especially the father. Several of the emails made me cry. Maybe I haven’t had things so bad after all.

I made my hotel reservations today for a trip to Lexington next month. Toodles will be with me–both of them.  My Chihuahua is coming to spare us both a lot of angst. Though I forget now and then, the wonderful woman she was named after is always with me. Thanks to all the folks who offered to put me up. We should do lunch…or dinner. I’d even consider breakfast.

My partner and Tico have gone on several road trips together. This will be the first for me and Toodles. Having her with me is worth the challenges that come with taking her. Who knows…maybe she’ll meet a thoroughbred, a Kentucky Colonel, or even a Wildcat!

The support that’s rained down on me since yesterday has truly warmed my heart. Much has come from family, lifelong friends, and colleagues, most of whom I’ve known and loved for many years. I’m a very lucky man.

I also heard from a lot of my virtual friends–folks I’ve never met in person that I know via Twitter, Facebook, or blogging. The fact we’ve never actually met isn’t an issue in our unexpected relationship.  I say unexpected because when I started blogging, the idea of developing relationships with readers never occurred to me. Sometimes I’m kind of slow.

No matter how we met…or not…I’m grateful for so many caring friends. I might be by myself sometimes. But I’m never alone here in…

My Glass House

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  1. ahhhhh! beautiful & moving, Michael, & I feel better knowing lil Miss Toodles will be joining you.