Get This Show on the Road!

Even though my capacity to remember is not what it once was, I’m pretty sure that 2012 will be a year I remember—and we’ve still got three months to go. If you’re new to My Glass House, just read over my posts since July for an overview.  Short of having a baby or getting married, I’ve checked off quite a few major life events this year.

At a glance, you might believe the negatives outweigh the positives. But I don’t see it that way at all, and I’m not just talking about the book deal. I’m not sure if it just happened or I’m only just now seeing it, but somewhere along the way I’ve changed.

Yes, getting an advance and a contract for my first novel is off-the-chain positive. I can’t imagine that winning the lottery would make me any happier. Okay. It might. But only because a few million dollars would enable me to retire from my day job to focus on my writing. Even one million would be enough. Maybe I should try that “send me a buck” thing again.

I’ve been through some rough stuff here lately, no doubt about it. But somehow, I’ve managed to come through these things a better, stronger person than before. You couldn’t be more surprised than I am.

The opportunity to launch a writing career excites me, for sure. But beneath that excitement, my outlook on life has changed. Whatever came my way, I’ve faced it head on and with a positive attitude. I feel like this is new for me, but my friends tell me I’ve always been this way. If my positive attitude isn’t new, what has changed? I have no idea and I’m not going to worry about it because I don’t have that kind of time.

Things are happening. After the realtor and I talked about what I wanted, she sent me a link with a bunch of properties in the neighborhood where I’m focusing my search. Three appear to be EXACTLY what I want and cost $50,000 less than the house I’m selling. They all have at least two bedrooms (one has three), two bathrooms, a garage, vaulted ceilings, and fenced in yards. I haven’t gone by to see them yet, but from the picture galleries it looks like any one of them would do just fine.

The only holdup is listing my house. The good news is that it’s almost show ready–just needs some pressure washing, a coat of sealer on the deck, and a few little paint touchups. I’m also trying to spruce up  a yard and garden that I’ve mostly neglected for a good two years. First impressions are everything, and I want to do what I can to make sure potential buyers have a good one.

Until Thanksgiving, I’m going to focus on getting out of this house and getting situated in the new place. After Christmas Eve, I’ll be living my new normal in a new place. But it will still be…

My Glass House