Seven Things

Thanks to manty67 over at Him, Her, & Us for nominating me for Seven Things. Pop over to learn seven things about her, and to see the other nominees.

Seven things about me:

1) I love Broadway musicals–not all of them, but most. My favorite is Miss Saigon. My least favorite–Rent. Sorry. I just didn’t get it. The fact it was the favorite show of an ex I can’t stand might have something to do with it (see #6).

2) I’m a Dance Dance Revolution freak and earn Bs and Cs on most songs on Standard level. For the uninitiated, that means I’m good–especially for a 54 year-old white man from the suburbs.

3) Every now and then, I have to watch Jerry Springer. It’s an addiction I couldn’t control until Here Comes Honey Boo Boo hit The Learning Channel. I blame my southern heritage for the occasional desire to sink up to my neck in poor white trash. All that drama–it’s just so exciting!

4) For nearly forty years now, I’ve balanced my checkbook every month. Until about ten years ago, I thought everyone did. I have “to do” lists, too.

5) No matter how neat and clean I keep my house, it never comes close to the way Mom kept things when I was growing up. One of my aunts used to bring coworkers over to see Mom’s closets. I’m not ready to give tours yet.

6) I paid a small fortune to bring an ex and his crap to Athens with me from DC, only to sell it all for next to nothing at a garage sale three years later.

7) My drag name is Krema D’Krop. She’s only made two appearances–on Halloween. Buying the shoes was the best part. Here she is at the peak of her beauty.

My nominees were selected because they write well and except for Tali and M.A.,  not often enough!

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Thanks again, Manty67 for the nomination and for being yet another good friend I’ve gotten to know here on…

My Glass House

9 responses to “Seven Things”

  1. Yay – thanks for the shout-out! I’ve been laying a little low on the blog. And FB. And the world. I had a post today because it’s my brother’s birthday. Let me see if I can make the blogspot website crash by writing two posts in one day… lol…

  2. On second thought – I think I’ll spare blogspot the agony of crashing their site. I’ll do this tomorrow. I have to get ready for Grey’s Anatomy!

  3. Thank you kind Sir and anytime you want to take a trip to New York to see something on Broadway, I’m your girl. I’ll probably sing so much that you’ll have to pretend you don’t know me but that’s cool. We can always meet up for drinks later :).

    Thanks again! Made my day!