Just Two More Weeks…

As expected, I closed on my new house yesterday. The contractors got to work right away, and seem to be playing well together. Even though it’s Saturday, the painter volunteered to work today, which means the flooring installation can be moved up. Thanksgiving makes moving in next weekend highly unlikely, but I should definitely be in by the end of the month.

Today was the garage sale, and I have to say, the ex and I throw a mean one. Seriously. The key to our success is staying focused on the goal: clearing crap we don’t want or need out without having to pay someone to cart it off. Think about the stuff in your sale as trash. Never mind your dear Aunt Ruth gave it to you as a wedding gift thirty years ago. If you haven’t used it, it has no real value to you.

This time, we didn’t even put prices on stuff. We agreed ahead of time on acceptable prices for the biggest items, and then empowered each other to close the deal on other transactions. If someone asks about an item, we find a price they like–and toward the end of the day, free becomes more and more acceptable to me. This is much easier to do if you keep reminding yourself that these people are paying good money for your trash.

Today’s sale lasted only 2 1/2 hours. By then, what was left really was trash. We packed up two Hefty bags that ended up in an apartment complex dumpster and left the big things out on the driveway with a “free to good home” sign. Then we posted the free items on Craig’s List. Last time I looked, most of it was gone. Bam. Done, and we split nearly $400 to boot.

With the sale behind me and the contracting work underway, it’s time to start the serious packing. I’ve already consolidated everything into just a few drawers and closets. I’ll move boxes to the empty garage when I get them packed. Some stuff I’ll take over to the new place in my car. The movers can handle the rest.

Instead of guesstimating, I have enough information for a reasonably accurate prediction of how much money I save by downsizing. It’s even better than I thought. My new mortgage, utilities, cable, and landline–which I won’t have at the new place–will be more than $750 less a month than I’m currently paying. Cha-ching.

Just two more weeks, if that. Considering the way the last two months have flown by, the end of the month will be here in no time. I’m looking forward to settling into my new normal in the new headquarters of…

My Glass House

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  1. Hey, with that extra cash, you may be able to help a blogging friend buy some tissue paper pom poms for her wedding. Ok, ok, I know that’s greedy. This isn’t about me. Fine. 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I always read your stuff on my phone when it comes out but don’t sit at the computer nearly as often as I should to write some comments. I wanted to remedy that tonight and let you know that you are such a bright spot for me. The excitement around your novel is infectious and I admire how you’ve kept a positive attitude heading through change into the future. Not everyone does that but change can be so exciting and full of opportunity. Thanks for letting me virtually loaf around on the couch in your glass house :).