Update: The Case of the Missing Drag Queen

Good news! I signed a contract for The Case of the Missing Drag Queen.

The Case of the Missing Drag Queen is my first new release with DSP Publications (DSPP). This is not, however, my first book with them. DSPP released second editions of No Good Deed (originally After Christmas Eve) and Happy Independence Day in 2016, followed by a French translation of No Good Deed earlier this year.

DSPP is an imprint of Dreamspinner Press, publisher of Until Thanksgiving, Whippersnapper, and the first edition of Happy Independence Day. Dreamspinner Press is all about LGBTQ romance, with covers and blurbs designed to catch the eye of romance readers. I don’t write romance, but my characters have enough of a love life to make the cut.

Romance enthusiasts who buy my books don’t get what they expect. Some enjoy the stories anyway, but many do not. DSP Publications is a place for LGBQT stories in genres other than romance.

The difference shows up in reviews. “This is not a romance” frequently appears in good and bad reviews of first editions. The phrase is absent from reviews for second editions.

Marketing The Case of the Missing Drag Queen as a mystery improves the odds of finding the “right” readers. An eye-catching title that clearly conveys what the story is about should make a difference too.

I reckon time will tell. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.



3 responses to “Update: The Case of the Missing Drag Queen”

  1. Congrats! Not that I’m surprised, but I am happy for you! And I have a feeling I’m gonna enjoy it a lot, gven how much I enjoyed After Christmas Eve as a mystery of sorts (btw I did buy the new edition and plan to read it because I already knew the original was worth a reread, and since I’d gotten that one free!)

    I’ve been in the mood for stories that are less romance focused to counteract the tone of romance fanfic I’ve been reading lately so I’ll hopefully finally read Happy Independence Day soon XD

    *Cheers you on*