The Friends Behind my Blog Tour

The midpoint of my 14-week promotional campaign for The Case of the Missing Drag Queen just passed. So far, so good. It’s #8 on DSP Publications best sellers list and has been as high as #6..

Setting up a blog tour is a lot of work. Since my first release, I’ve outsourced the job. Those campaigns revolved around daily posts on various sites over a short period of time. Though affordable and expedient, I suspect the tour services are more effective for authors of erotic m-m romance than for me.

Some romance enthusiasts enjoy my novels, but purists (rightfully) do not. My stories are gay fiction–a nearly invisible sub-genre. I needed a campaign that reached gay-friendly readers who aren’t necessarily fans of romance.

For help I turned to my writer friends, including a good number who were happy to host me on their blogs. I lined up several reviews and 20 stops on my virtual tour, including a few arranged by the folks at DSP Publications.

M.A. Church and I have never met in person, but we’ve been telephone and email friends since before Until Thanksgiving came out in 2012. I owe her a poke on Facebook and about a hundred hugs. Here’s my post on her blog: Drag Shows and The Case of the Missing Drag Queen

Long before I met handsome Rick R. Reed, I had a huge crush on him. (Click on the link at the end of this paragraph for a picture.) He doesn’t know, but I’ve read more of his books than any other author I know. He’s also about the sweetest man I’ve ever met. Gay Bars, Cliques, and Drag Queens

Eden Winters is the first author I met in person. Her book about opossum shifters (Naked Tails) came out the same day as Until Thanksgiving. She detoured through Athens to give me rides to and from Orlando for the Dreamspinner writers workshops. The Queens of the Gilded Lily

I hit it off with Lane Hayes via email long before we met. We skip a session at the writers workshops for a quiet lunch together to catch up. The Gay Lifestyle in 1982

Elizabeth Nobel and I have gone out to dinner several times and sat together for the big dinner at the writers conference at least once, but more likely twice. She’s one of the kindest and most helpful people I’ve ever met. Growing as a Writer (link to come).

And that’s just the first half of my tour. Stay tuned for links to the rest. As always, thanks for stopping by.


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