Reviews: Case of the Missing Drag Queen

Several reviews have come out in the weeks since DSP Publications released The Case of the Missing Drag Queen. Some authors ignore reviews of their stories or only read the good ones. Not me. I read all I can find.

A number of web sites provide reviews for gay fiction. Romance is often the focus — some will only review romances — but a few review any genre with gay main characters. Here is a sampling of “official” reviews for The Case of the Missing Drag Queen.

Rainbow Book Reviews: I enjoyed the novel for its “nostalgic” sense of what the world was like before laptops, cell phones, and the internet. But I digress – aside from the accurate setting, this mystery has a lot to offer. The characters are varied and well developed, the snarkiness between performers is caught perfectly, and the descriptions of the shows and other goings-on at the Gilded Lily (where the main character and the missing drag queen work) made me laugh. Then there is the suspense as Luke tries to figure out what happened to the vanished Ruby – it certainly kept me on my toes and turning the pages.

The Novel Approach: The Case of the Missing Drag Queen looks like the start of a new series from Michael Rupured, and I’m excited, as this has great potential. The storyline has humor, mystery and a wide range of colorful and interesting characters. The setting is the 1980s and does include incidences of bigotry. I also looked at this as a time of growing up for Luke Tanner. He starts to really care about other people, stands up for himself and others, and faces his issues.

Most sites only publish three-, four-, and five-star reviews. The bad ones show up among reader reviews on Goodreads and Amazon before the book is even released or shortly thereafter. The Case of the Missing Drag Queen is the first of my five novels without any one- or two-star reviews (so far).

I value feedback from readers. If pestered enough, friends and family who read my books will tell me what they think. Mom is the exception. My biggest fan has read every book the day she gets it and cant wait to talk with me about the story.

My small but loyal fan base includes people I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting. Some, including a few who follow this blog, have reviewed or rated more than one of my books. Yeah. I notice, and care about your opinion. Don’t hold back, either. We’ve been together too long for that.

I’d say a majority of readers either don’t write reviews, are not on Goodreads, or don’t use Amazon, so it stands to reason a few folks I don’t know about have read my books. Whether I know you or not, thank you — for buying my books, reading them, and enjoying them enough to come back for more.

Buy-links and additional reviews for The Case of the Missing Drag Queen are available here.

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