Although I live alone in a 1200 square-foot house, storage is an issue. There’s plenty of space, filled with stuff I rarely or never use. That’s why a massive purge made my list of retirement plans.

The remodeling projects somewhat forced my hand. Between painting every room and replacing all the carpet, I have to move everything anyway. No point putting stuff back I no longer want or need.

Doing the whole house is the only way to go. Reorganizing one space tends to spill over to another. Managing the spread is the challenge.

To move out of the master bath for the renovation, I first had to clear everything out of a hall closet and the tiny, rarely used second bathroom. There’s barely room to turn around when the door is closed. I’ll really appreciate my new bathroom when I’m able to return.

A garage sale has been my go-to plan for getting rid of stuff. Making money isn’t the goal so much as not having to pay someone to haul everything off. With COVID-19 still raging, a garage sale is a bad idea.

Thank God.

Organizing a garage sale is a massive undertaking. A good purge is hard enough without having to find a place to keep everything until the sale. I’m dropping stuff off at Goodwill a carload at a time. I’ll figure out how to deal with anything that doesn’t fit in my car later.

My goal is to finish the purge toward the end of February. That’s when Phase 1 of the big remodel wraps up too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and, as always, will keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.

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