Crotchety Alert!

An ugly confluence of events has brought my inner crotchety out of hiding. Spring fever, pandemic fatigue, and renovation delays have had me on the brink. Disruptions to my nap routine pushed me over the edge.

This time of year is always rough. Solar energy fuels my usually sunny disposition. Cold, dreary days suck the life out of me. Moving south for shorter, milder winters has eased but not ended my suffering. I know. Pitiful. They don’t call it SAD for nothing.

Staying home for the past year hasn’t been too bad, but COVID-19 safeguards are getting to me. I may not have ventured out much before the pandemic, but I could. I guess I still can, but I’d rather not take any chances. Until I get the vaccination, I’ll keep playing it safe.

The renovation is getting to me too. All year I’ve cheerfully endured a steady stream of contractors, tradesmen and work crews. The projected completion date was last Friday. Now it’s next Monday. Though only a few days behind schedule, the delay in finishing the bathroom pushed back the rest of the painting and the carpet installation.

Regular naps helped me to stay cheerful. Between lunch breaks and pauses between stages, I was usually able to sneak in forty winks. Last week was the exception. As soon as my head hit the pillow someone else was at the door. Missing a nap here and there isn’t a problem, but much more than that makes me grumpy.

Longer days mean Spring is just around the corner. My turn for the vaccination should roll around in the next few weeks. The carpet goes in Monday, concluding Phase 1 of the 2021 remodeling project and ending major disruptions to my nap schedule. Until then, you’ve been warned….

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