My Teeny Weenie

Things at home have changed since Tootsie rolled into my life three weeks ago. I still get up at 5 and go to bed early, but everything in between depends mostly on the puppy. I don’t mind. She’s adorable and — other than my run, chores, and the occasional errand — I’m home.

Tootsie, checkiing you out…

A daily run is still a priority. Smart little Tootsie starts whining when I gather up my gear. I crate her for my run, errands, and the occasional puppy-free nap. Otherwise, she sleeps with me (often nose to nose) without having to go out all night. Accidents in the house are rare.

Our near-constant interaction offers numerous opportunities for training. She’s very vocal without being yappy. I’ve only heard her bark a few times — mostly when crying didn’t work. She cries much less than she did the first week, but still cries often with variations that clearly express her needs and wants.

Commands I’ve learned so far:

  • Let me out (whines and scratches at the door)
  • Pick me up (whines and sits on my feet)
  • Play with me (flings herself in the general direction of my lap)
  • Throw it (brings me one of her toys)
  • Give me a damn treat (raising hell after any activity that has ever earned her a treat in the past)
Pick me up!

Training her is going well. She’s really smart. Over-learning is the biggest issue. I’ll tell you all about it next time. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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