A New Look…?

I’m guessing you noticed the new look to my website. I finally bit the bullet and swapped my custom design for a free template. Everything is really mess up. To be honest, I write this post wondering if it will appear on my home page. None of the previous posts do.

Longtime visitors may recall a resolution shortly after I retired two years ago to update my beautiful-but-outdated web site. The custom design required routine maintenance beyond my very limited understanding of how all this stuff works. The result: numerous glitches I was unable to fix. Security issues finally forced my hand.

Doing it myself was the only option. The artist who charged me a paltry $200 for the custom design many moons ago has moved on to other things. The freelancer I hired to fix all the issues several years ago was hard to find, cost a fortune and, in the end, could only do so much without a super expensive redesign.

No thanks. My needs have changed. I’ve been just blogging for quite some time. My books are still available, but pimping them is no longer a priority. I love writing, but being an author sucks and, for most, doesn’t pay diddly squat. Marketing — the only way to increase sales — takes way more time and money than I’m willing to invest for little to no return.

That’s me. I’ve met a lot of lovely authors, editors, reviewers, cover artists, and other professionals involved with publishing who share a passion I never had. Consumer education is my passion. Writing five novels was a fluke.

Will I write another novel? Never say never. Getting my rights back for the five I’ve written and self-publishing is a more likely scenario.

But first, I gotta figure out this WordPress thing. That’s likely to take a while. WordPress for Dummies is the size of a 1970s New York City phone book. Or maybe I’ll stumble across a kind soul willing to help. I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

8 responses to “A New Look…?”

    • Thanks! Me too. Readability was a big factor. Light print on a dark background was hard to read!

  1. You have been busy with the new baby.
    Are you familiar with FIVVER?
    Trisha Martin

    • Thanks! I’ve got some author friends I plan to reach out to who use WordPress a lot.

  2. I prefer this! It is much easier for these aging eyes to read–and I like the background color, too!! A good choice!

  3. I’m glad to see you’re updating your site! I was one of those reviewers you connected with many moons ago, and I sincerely hope you are able to acquire the rights for your work. I’m no longer reviewing for the blog I was with, but on many occasions, I’ve found myself mentioning your books to other readers. I hope many more will have a chance to experience them – they are truly special!