Curbing My Enthusiasm

After a few months alone in a too-big house with a ginormous yard, I downsized. The new house was perfect. The small yard, absence of steps, and low-maintenance design were exactly what I wanted.

More than ten years later, I still love this house. Space, however, is limited. There’s plenty of room–families with two or three kids make it work. Why can’t I?

Hoarding is not the problem. I’m super-organized and frequently get rid of things I no longer need. The problem: A tendency to go overboard with my hobbies.

Goldfish are my new obsession. When shopping three years ago, I picked fantails over koi or plain goldfish for my little pond. Koi get too big, and in my opinion, are more than a little ugly. I had no idea just how beautiful the fantails were until I moved them to an aquarium.

I want more, but as discussed in previous posts, smaller fish can’t compete with larger tank-mates and similarly-sized fish are pricey. Buying small and keeping them apart until they’re big enough to put with the rest was the best option. I setup a small pond and went shopping for more fantails.

My first stop was an aquarium shop. I want brightly colored fish that would standout against the black pond liner but saw none. Instead, a new variety caught my eye: pandas.

OMG! They are stunning! I’m guessing they are a cross between the black moor telescopes of my youth and platinum orandas. WANT!!! One wont do, either. I need at least three.

Turns out, small pandas are $25 each. No way I’m putting the little darlings in the pond for cats, raccoons, or herons and they’re not likely to survive in the aquarium. I stopped by the a pet store on the way home and got three little fantails for the pond.

I hear the pandas calling for me. Life without them seems bleak. There’s only one choice. I have to get another aquarium. Figuring out where it will go is the challenge. Electric outlets are already in short supply.

Since I have to get another aquarium anyway, may as well get a 55-gallon tank. The 29 I have now would make a great home for a trio of pandas. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll figure something out, as always, will keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.