Tootsie Time

The chiweenie puppy I adopted more than 18 months ago celebrates her second birthday in June. We’ve been together 24/7 pretty much since I brought her home. Getting used to all that togetherness continues to be a challenge.

Training helped. She’s a big talker, which is great, until it’s not. The whining and ear-piercing bark sometimes get on my nerves. Otherwise, she’s mostly a good little dog.

Toodles, her predecessor, was an extremely good dog. I often said she was perfect. In truth, she never did much of anything and rarely showed much interest in my activities. I adored her, but had no idea she was so… boring.

Tootsie is never boring. She follows me wherever I go and insists on being part of whatever I;m doing. Everything is a game to her. Negotiations are ongoing, but we’ve mostly agreed on the rules. As long as I throw the toy she brings me, I’m free to do things like work in the yard, fold laundry, or shower.

Patiently waiting….

She knows I don’t see well. When I turn out the lights and call her, she nudges me. If I don’t see her chosen toy, she’ll run from her waiting spot, poke the toy with her nose, and quickly return to her position waiting for my toss.

If I can’t reach the toy, she nudges it toward me. If it’s still out of reach, I say “closer.” She voices her disagreement with a string of curse-whines before finally pushing the toy within my reach.

Her relentless enthusiasm is endearing, adorable, and exhausting. Playing outside helps. The more she runs, the quicker she settles down later. Long before she’s done, I’ve had enough.

When we’re not playing, she’s napping or chewing on a bone beside me, in my lap, or on my chest. She keeps me busy and is great company. Guess I’ll keep her….

One response to “Tootsie Time”

  1. What a lovely friendship to have created!
    Lucky little girl to have found you & her very fun dreamy backyard.