Never Bored

One of Mom’s friends recently asked her if I ever get bored. Mom laughed and said I have too many things I enjoy doing to get bored. It’s true. I haven’t been bored since my last faculty meeting.

It’s a fair question. My life sounds pretty boring. I rarely leave home for more than a couple of hours and seldom have company. Sounds pitiful, but I’ve never been happier.

Retiring has allowed me to indulge in numerous hobbies and interests. I suspect the same is true for most retirees. Mine just happen to keep me at home.

Without work to worry about, I do whatever I want for as long as it takes or until something else beckons. Time management isn’t necessary. Any deadlines are self-imposed and largely irrelevant. Nobody is going to write me up or fire me.

Most days, there’s not enough time to get to everything I want to do. Some things can wait, some can’t. Weather often dictates my choices.

The blog too often falls by the wayside. Realizing weeks have passed since my last post is a motivator. I appreciate you and promise to keep trying to do better. Thanks for stopping by.

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