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Aug 30, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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Loyalty Oath

Not too long ago, I knew everyone who read my blog personally. Maybe we went to school together, or worked for the same employer, or did the same kind of work. The connection, whatever it is, was face-to-face and in real time at some point in the last fifty years. The number of visitors to my blog has gone up a lot over time. Some days I get more than 200 hits. But  I still feel like I know the majority of you in person. Even if we’ve never actually met, we’re friends on Facebook, or follow each other on Twitter, or read each others’ blogs or email each other. I know you too well to think of you as my …

Aug 09, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Stop the World!

Swapping the vacation my partner and I had been looking forward to for Dad’s funeral ended up being a good thing. We were already off work, and since we were driving anyway and had a free place to stay at the beach, changing our plans at the last minute didn’t cost anything. Any other time would have caused problems and posed challenges. All this to say I’m not unhappy that we gave up a relaxing week at the beach. Things have a way of working out for the best. Already exhausted from the previous weeks activities, I spent the weekend catching up on laundry, mowing, and other chores. My writers group met Saturday, and I managed to squeeze in a …

Jul 25, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Me and My Tea

I happen to like Chick-Fil-A. There. I’ve said it. I’m a gay man and I like Chick-Fil-A. In fact, I prefer it over all other fast food options. The restaurants are always clean–including the bathrooms, the employees are courteous and helpful, and they always honor my request for unsweetened tea with a splash of sweet. No doubt you’ve seen news stories about Chick-Fil-A donating bazillions of dollars to anti-gay causes. Left-leaning cultural warriors are outraged, demanding that consumers boycott the restaurant. They’re certainly entitled to an opinion. Those same left-leaning warriors tell me to shop at J.C. Penny instead of Target. The former features gay couples in ads, the latter provides financial support to anti-gay causes. I like Target. I …

Jun 18, 2012
By Michael Rupured

A Little Gratitude

Today I’d like to give a shout out to some blogs. The writers of these blogs are brilliant and/or have excellent taste, as they’re all followers of my blog.  Check a few out. I have to say it’s a diverse and eclectic group. A tip of the hat to… 4 Dudes Relationship Advice Adopting James Airports Made Simple anauthor’slife Chicks with Ticks Coco J. Ginger Says The Coevas Official Blog Faithfinding FicFaq The Five Reflections Fix it or Deal Floating with the Breeze Goodbye Whoopee Pie Health DeMystified Heaven 4 Earth I Am Zion Inside Nana Bread’s Head Mary Louise Eklund My Look on the World ooamerica A Portia Adams Adventure Placeholder for a new title Robotic Rhetoric Sean Lynch’s …

Jun 15, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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Remember When Facebook Was Fun?

I forget how long I’ve been on Facebook. I just know it’s been long enough that updating my status and checking my wall are now fully integrated into my lifestyle. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is the subject of another blog post. Today I want to talk about how much my Facebook experience has changed. I’m sure you’ve been annoyed more than once at sudden unexpected changes to the Facebook experience. Countless campaigns to repeal various and sundry changes fall on deaf ears. Before I’ve really adjusted to the last change, something new comes along that pisses me off even more. I adjust to the changes because I really don’t have any choice. But I can’t think …

Jun 08, 2012
By Michael Rupured

The Problem with Subway

Before I joined Weight Watcher’s a year ago, I never went to Subway. Ever. I’d evolved through all the various fast food options to a Grilled House Salad from Zaxby’s with honey mustard dressing for lunch practically every day. I had no idea my healthy salad costs 26 Weight Watcher’s points–better than half of my daily point allowance. These days I usually run home for a salad I put together with various greens, olive oil vinaigrette dressing (because it’s healthy), fat-free cheddar cheese, a few croutons (I’m addicted to the Texas Toast black pepper and sea salt croutons), and either a can of white tuna or something left over from dinner the night before, like a grilled chicken breast. But …

Apr 12, 2012
By Michael Rupured

No Love for the Shack

When I moved to Athens fifteen years ago, I looked forward to Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Not because of the weekend, but because The Barbecue Shack would be open. Just about every Thursday or Friday evening, I’d stop in to pick up a couple of chicken plates and either banana pudding or caramel cake. The center piece of a chicken plate is a half-chicken, which I believe is smoked, though it might be grilled. It’s slathered with a clear, vinegar-based sauce and comes with Brunswick Stew, coleslaw topped with two bread and butter pickle slices, a bag of Lay’s potato chips, and two slices of white bread in a sandwich bag. Regulars know to ask for either mild or hot …

Mar 21, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Gross Incompetence

As the executive director of a small professional association, one of my duties is collecting registration fees for folks to attend our conference. It’s an easy task. I send out registration information, people send me checks, which I then deposit into our bank account. Simple. Our members are all very responsible. Given that a focus of our association is financial management education, as a group they also tend to be…well…a little cheap. That’s good for me because 99 percent take advantage of the early bird discount. Nearly all of our members are faculty, field staff, or graduate students connected with major universities here in the U.S. A tiny percentage–two people–work for a federal government agency that shall remain nameless. They, …

Feb 14, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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Generation Clueless

Yesterday I participated in a meeting at the Georgia Department of Education about the new career pathways. Next year, eighth graders in Georgia public schools must select a pathway from one of seventeen career clusters. The purpose of the meeting was to develop new courses for one of the pathways. Our group consisted of teachers, industry representatives, and GADOE officials. The assignment was to develop the three courses that would make up the Customer Services pathway within the Human Services pathway. I represented consumer economics faculty from the University of Georgia. We quickly agreed that the first course would focus on consumer decision-making, the second on consumer math, and the third on consumer economics. The second course would also count for …

Feb 07, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Pushing My Buttons

I’m the unpaid executive director of a small professional association. About my only duty is to plan the every-other-year conference. I’ve been in the role for nearly ten years and consider it a labor of love. Our little association has no officers, membership dues, newsletter, or paid staff. Just me and whoever I can con into helping persuade to help me. On the plus side, I can do pretty much whatever I want without worrying about losing my job. The next conference is coming up at the end of this month. We selected Charlotte for the 2012 conference. Okay–it was really my decision. I worked through the local convention bureau to line up our hotel. Chattanooga was the site of our …