Category: Tales from Toodles

Jul 21, 2014
By Michael Rupured

Toodles Gets a Bath

WARNING: This post contains GRAPHIC images of a playful bitch* enjoying her bath. If that kind of thing floats your boat, please, get help. My six-pound chihuahua sleeps with me and is the best cuddle buddy I’ve ever had. I sleep on my side, and Toodles sleeps under my chin all snuggled into my armpit. When I turn over, she climbs up on the pillow and goes around my head to assume her rightful place on the other side. Given the intimacy of our relationship, she gets a lot of baths. Step One is to gather the materials: shampoo, towel, blow dryer, and brush. I’m not picky about the shampoo — as long as it smells good. Toodles doesn’t seem …

Feb 10, 2013
By Michael Rupured

Toodles Returns

I’m back. Have you missed me? What a stupid question. Of course you have!  Two years is a long time to go without your Toodles fix. It’s Daddy’s fault you haven’t heard from me. He hogs the computer to write those books of his. On a good day, I’m lucky to sneak online long enough to update my Dogbook status. I haven’t checked my Bitches-N-Heat profile for weeks. No telling what that dreamy little Papillon I’ve had my eye on thinks. He’s adorable. I’d love to have his puppies, except I think he’s been fixed, too. Hooking up is one thing. Living with another dog is more than I want to take on. I refuse to share my treats, toys, …