A.E. Via Introduces Her New Troublemakers!

Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s so nice to be back on Michael’s blog again. Thank you so much for hosting me again, love. I truly appreciate it.

And thank you out there for showing up today to see my two new releases coming out tomorrow! Black Friday! The biggest shopping day in the country and the start of the countdown to Christmas. So when you’re out at the crack of dawn trying to catch the door-buster sells, why don’t you take a second out to one-click a couple gifts for yourself too.

For the past couple months I’ve been working on the next installment to my bestselling series ‘Nothing Special.’ The third installment is entitled ‘Here Comes Trouble,’ and just as the title suggest… the new detectives introduced in this book are full of mischief, mayhem, smart-ass comments and all around take-no-bullshit bravado. The perfect qualifications for the enforcers of God and Day’s Narcotics Task Force.

I won’t repeat the blurb here, but I will say that the story is compelling, and full of twist and turns that keep you riveted to the pages. It’s not just another cop story about trying to catch drug dealers. This story is about the fast-changing relationship between two best friends/ partners that happen to be cops. So while Ruxs and Green are burning up the streets of Atlanta, their feelings and thoughts are also sizzling behind closed doors.

This story is action-packed. And I immediately start you out, right smack dab in the middle of the boys doing what they do best… stirring up trouble in the city of Atlanta. So the book sucks you in from the very beginning.

To my already ‘Nothing Special’ fans, you are going to enjoy getting plenty more of God, Day, Syn, Furi and Ro in ‘Here Comes Trouble’. And as a nice little surprise, we’re welcoming back a couple of all-grown-up characters from the first installment.

Ahem….. I’m not quite done!!!!!!!

Like I mentioned earlier, treat yourself to TWO purchases. Because I’m also revealing the cover to my revised and re-edited first installment of this series. The badass couple that started it all. God and Day are back again with a shiny new front and an added 6,000+ words to their already awesome story! If you’ve already read Nothing Special – all the juicy stuff is still there, I promise. But if you haven’t… new readers will have the original sexiness of my stunning alphas, plus a lot more. Trust me, God and Day fans, if you’ve already read their story, you don’t want to miss a very smoking scene that’s been added. And in the spirit of Black Friday sales day. I’m dropping the price of Nothing Special down to a bargain price you can’t beat! So enjoy!

FYI: Although ‘Nothing Special’ is a series, EACH STORY CAN STANDALONE OR BE READ OUT OF ORDER.

I hope you enjoy them! Don’t forget to drop me a line after you read it.

Hugs and Happy Reading



Love, Adrienne

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